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Lifting anything heavier than to ten or fifteen pounds mandates that was her issue with the state she couldn't lift she couldn't grabbed anything in lift lifted and that's why she was on this ability well he takes his hundred and fifty pound newfoundland to the dog grooming establishment as she picks it up and put salama variable 100 and injured here's the pounds as he's videotaping her with his fall oh boy oh boy that is a tremendous let's just say she stopped getting those disability checks i would say pretty quickly and i think she got some hefty fines and in addition to that right right well you know it's what goes around comes around and i pay it back you're probably going to jail really yeah so it is fraud yeah and i remember and that's what they hang over your head and so easy that you pay pay it back were you're going to go to jail right tell us about there's some of the other uh some of the things that so in employer at could come to you and that's a small business owner or a large corporation correct mum mostly it small to mediumsized is companies the come to us to do the background checks for individuals and the reason why is because the larger corporations usually have someone in house that does that doesn't and what is the the the average it do a lot of the businesses do that do you think almost every business and that her isn't vero knock as many as they should as they should that's my opinion although the business has been increasing since i started their four years ago but i still think that there is a white quite a bit more that we can we can uncover out there and he story this and it's helpful age guests fury it's very helpful to the employers specially if you are small business owner were meeting sized business owner you're going to train this person bring them in train them what about three three or four months you find this information out we're going to get rid of the person right it's going to be much harder much are much harder any good stories about somebody that was ready to hire someone you found out what they they did previously and it.

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