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I think he might have even gotten his wasn't either sheriff or something. I think he's into bad things. I might be just e I miss. I'm sharing my concerns now lives with her June, and she says to him, you're living here, but when are you going to tell everyone you're living with bringing Gumbel sin because Vicki gumbleton doesn't wanna live alone. She's high. So she wants to get married to him. She she's like, he's given me everything, but this and she holds up her finger and she's like, like buttering and it's nice lead in on him because lash she doesn't. It. You think so? Yeah, to say goodbye to my cousin, Keith biking. Granny here. I'm so sorry, love to give you a hug them just in the middle of the amount of your. Podcast. Sorry, Keith. We love this policy. You have a great trip back by key by. There's a lot going on now June, you tamra Barney have the same car? No, we don't. And I knew you were going to say that and I was prepared. She drives a Chevy suburban which is an enormous car. I drive a Chevy ta which was there Boesch more modest, hardly modest. Again, you have driven up, but I've seen people clear the roads like in a movie when someone's like barreling down the road, people get the hell out of the when I've been in your car. I feel like I'm in my first apartment. It is it's bigger than most studio apartments in New York. I love living room, so I knew you were going to say that it is not the same car. Okay, apologize. Much bigger. Okay. Yeah. She also has a white Range Rover. Yeah. I mean, listen, I used to watch her driving those white cars. I do like a white luxury car. So NICKY, Ricky wait, speaking of Vicky. Hey, guys now be blamed for the heat is on the gel lamp. I'm sure. People are. I don't care, but I don't think they are no here for it. I enjoying it. Now we, let's go back to the Steve Steve lodge and the Vicki of it all. And you think he, she does not love him. I think she's turned the corner on him is Casey. Something is like she, I do think like she doesn't want to be loan, but there doesn't seem to be any real connection between her brain. She's like people like him. He's cute. He's got a job. He's nice, but just nothing going on underneath below waist level for her, we'll deck nothing going on believable. Before the takeaway Vicky solely. Because as you know, I I really believe she is a a very. Energetic lever. Ramona singer, Ramona singer. So we'll check out spinner. Have you been for her? Did you see scored spinner? I bet she's a skirt. Her two spinners skirt are all of them. He's all of it. Singers spin goad her Instagram. There is a picture of her Montauk just grinding up against young people in a suit that twenty year old would be if Moore, Mona Singh, if you on one of those speeds and she turned her energy to you, like I think I would be powerless in happens live with her and I was devoured like Tom Cruise, really. They get into your head and you're just like, I love you. She powerful. She was touching my arm like she's one of those people that reads like seven habits of like, yeah, I always successful peopling. I contact cozying up. She's a case case. We're having fun case. I was like, oh, wow, I love this woman. She is having this summer to remember this summer carols last summer on as Carol is moving down. She's, she's Ryan Felix earn a new. Vicki said, I'm the bomb dot com. I'm sexier than shit. I hope c. for poses. I want to be married again. That's how God built me. I don't want to be alone. So I do not think this policeman is fucking her the way she needs be. How do you think. Policeman. He's a lease. Detective, anything. I just don't believe it like there's nothing I'm in my scenario in whatever has for sure whatever was going on with what's his face, not dog, but you can't. He's something forgot about Brooks. Something was right about there. Oh yesterday, yeah, hunt she was so into him. She mentioned Brooks in the subsidies. Last episode. She's like, you know, my my ex is getting married..

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