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Certainly is however, one of the problems with Pettus, if you look on film him coming out, he's, he's six foot one played. Pretty felt I mean he's one hundred and eighty one pounds or something when he came out. So I liked the fact that he's putting on a little bit of weight. He's an explosive player. He was a special teams dominator in college. But on the field. I mean he's the defacto number one on that team. And I insist I've been insistent off season. Look, you bring in deebo, Samuel, and Jalen Hurd in these other peripheral wide receiver just Mark is Markey's. Goodwin is still there. But none of. Those players are going to do a Dante Pettis dozen this offense. I think he can catch eighty pounds. I don't want to speak too much because we're, we're gonna be talking more about Dante Pettis here in a short while, but I watched some interviews with him. He was talking about how the playbook Shanahan's playbook is a lot. And he said, coming out of college, like he every play when he'd get to the line, he was just so in his head trying to figure out what to do where the defense is that what the play call was all of that stuff that he, he was, this was all based on a question of how how's Jimmy Garoppolo been this year compared to last year? And he said, honestly, I it wasn't a joke. He says, I don't remember how Garoppolo was last year. I couldn't concentrate. And, but my point in saying that is, that's where deebo Samuel. Jalen Hurd, are going to be this year. They're rookies they're not gonna come in and just steal the show from Dante Pettis. Dante Pettis has a huge leg up while I don't like that the Niners look that tried to go. Oh, Beckham they tried to go after Antonio Brown. They did draft wide receiver. So their confidence in their actions hasn't been completely. Poured independece, but he's great..

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