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Gerry Davis, Allah look to be off the plate away. But it was called a strike in one. Two home runs a double in nine batted in this series for Kevin Velarde. A one one game. One strike pitch off the outside with a slider. We'll call that home run our drive of the game. Sponsored by win automotive. The only bay area auto group you can count on for a win win experience. Here's the pitch. Austin thousands went off to the right last night. We told you about the the the note that pillar had been the first giant with back toback four RBI or more games since Barry Bonds in two thousand to a long time. It's giants hitter had four more runs batted in in consecutive games. This just a solo home run. But still ads on one to Austin hits a little foul ball back towards Posey in the on deck circle. We also found out. Mark simon. Sports info solutions Dila research for us. The only other giants center fielders who had ever done that for or more runs batted in in consecutive games in center field for the giants in the history of their franchise. Want to Austin takes low good take their two and to Bobby Thompson did it in nineteen fifty and Willie Mays. Did it in the first year of the San Francisco Giants back to back games at two monster games against the dodgers. And then Kevin pillar. That's great company to the to Austin hits a hard ground ball. Basic intellectual field Tyler Austin is bored. With a one out single helmet comes off as rounds. First base. Stop. They're put on breaks brings up those cozy. Tyler awesome. We haven't seen the booming power yet from him. And we know he's got it. Hit a lot of home runs. Not that many bats last year. But three games with the giants. Got three hits. He has drawn a couple walks. He's helping his.

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