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Radio, there's nothing on there in the eighties channels playing garbage which they are a lot too much Whitney Houston, all due respect the Queen, but was never really for me. Pop rocks. Pop robs. And. Nickelback comes on. Son goes dad. Nickelback. It's bad rap because it's cool to crap on Nickelback. But if I'm being honest. Pretty cool song. I said. Ten years ago, I would've been embarrassed to call you my son for saying that. Place now where I realize he's not wrong. One of the biggest songs of all time. They're playing on the ramp stations. Back in two thousand it was so big. It's way what? Parents. This is a great strip club song. Chad Kroeger tongue. On. Looks like a lion. He's probably got a wild pushed down there. Well, actually, his Bush looks exactly like a hair on his head. Sunkissed curls. Fairly cooked Rama noodles. Caller. Really proud that, that.

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