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Are WTO P For 48 Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the 8 to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center And we have been tracking the accident seen on the southbound side of the George Washington memorial Parkway Thank you so much to the listener for giving us the update on this accident scene Now the crash itself is involving a pedestrian sounds like they did officially shut down a south downside of the DW Parkway According to the listener you are forced to detour onto the key bridge and head into the city So if you're not planning on heading to the city you may want to opt for one 23 to get out off of the GW park way before getting trapped in the south of that point near the key bridge Three 95 looking great right now no issues headed southbound from the district down towards the capitol beltway Interloop looks good from a three 95 up towards 66 that was used to report on 66 no work zones between the beltway and manassas and 95 looks great headed southbound of course you do have your long-standing work zone south of the Fredericksburg area or rather headed through Fredericksburg where your local lanes do go down to one single file lane On the north outside it looks like a slight volume delay on the approach towards 17 no accident scenes reported It just looks a little crowded there as you continue northbound towards the Stafford area Of course on the out of the beltway headed across the Wilson bridge and no issues there On the interloop however it looks like there is an accident reported on the inner loop ramp towards northbound two 95 Looks like the ramp itself is accessible It looks like the accident scene is crowding part of that ramp itself Suleiman Parkway is up to speed at it out towards the beltway No issues on route 50 so far between the beltway and out towards the bay bridge Remember we got the wind warnings in effect across the bay bridge It's important if you have a larger vehicle between the boat weigh 95 and the BW Parkway looking great No issues on I two 70 the ICC and of course the inner loop looks good From two 70 over towards I 95 one 8 6 6 three O four WTO P is the traffic tip line one 8 6 6 three O four 9 8 6 7 I'm Carlos Ramirez wtp traffic Now let's get to four day forecast from storm team four meteorologist samurai Theodore What a blustery start were in for today the winds are still gusting pretty high So temperatures this morning could feel.

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