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Out of the country. The White House missed its goal this weekend of getting 70% of adult Americans partially vaccinated, But the Biden administration is continuing its push to get more shots into arms. ABC Cecilia Vega says the president is expected to talk about the importance of getting vaccinated later today. He wants to show the progress. It's been made in this fight against Kobe, but he and his team are also acknowledging that this July 4th holiday. It wasn't exactly what they'd hoped it would be. They really wanted this to be the breakthrough moment of the summer, the moment where they could declare freedom from the virus, where restrictions could be lifted as America hit that 70% vaccination rate, America is falling slightly short of that. It's at 67% vaccinated right now. Health officials warn that unvaccinated individuals are at higher risk of catching the highly contagious Delta variant. Speaking of that strange being seen in more covid cases across the US as we hear from CBS's Steve Futterman, the Delta variant, first detected in India is fast becoming the dominant covid strain in the U. S. In several states, including here in California, It's already the dominant variant. The Delta strain is considered more contagious. Other states Seeing a large percentage of covid cases with the delta variant include Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri and Utah. Current vaccines seemed to be slightly less effective in dealing with the Delta Strain. Steve Futterman, CBS NEWS Los Angeles New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan is calling on the IRS to send out the final batches of the third stimulus check. Hassen says she wrote to the agency last week after hearing from constituents who haven't yet gotten those checks. Officials say system issues may hold up the payment process until December, but hasn't says people can't afford to wait that long. The 2022 Massachusetts gubernatorial race now has its first declared GOP candidate. Former state. Rep. Jeff Deal announcing his candidacy on the Kuhner report on W. R. K O this morning, I'm looking forward to a Republican primary, and then I'm looking forward to winning the governorship in 2022 turning Massachusetts back around Putting power back in the hands of the individuals, those people, everybody listening to the station. Everybody in the state who makes good decisions every day works hard for their dollars, wants to keep it in their pocket. And I want to be your governor for the next four years to make sure that we steer this state back in the right direction. Deal joins the race against a number of Democratic opponents, including state Senator Sonia Chang Diaz, former state Senator Ben Downing and Harvard professor Daniel Allen. It is unclear if Republican Governor Charlie Baker will run for re Election. Meanwhile, the Board of Elections is expected to give an update today on the New York City primary race. Eric Adams has a very slim lead over Katherine Garcia for the Democratic nomination. The board is expected to release a new count total, including around 126,000 absentee ballots, The city voted through a ranked choice voting system for the first time. This year. Also in New York.

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