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That means you when you react. In truly unprecedented ways to an additional into the we do outside of the regular radio hours last week, we sit down on Skype and do a 15 minute interview with Steve Bannon, the man who took candidate Trump's campaign down 16 points. To victory for the first time in American history for a non politician, non retired general. And you watch it in record breaking numbers on YouTube. You send us a signal. The bat sign goes up, the flare is fired. And we did so again earlier today to continue to provide the most up to date information. On what is unraveling. There's an election like none other in American history, we again sat down with the former CEO of the Trump 2016 campaign. The host of war room pandemic. Former U. S Naval Officer Steve Bannon. We spoke to him for almost an hour. You need to watch that video. That is why we love all of you who are listening to this radio show? We have had a bumper year. The figures are in And we have had record breaking response to my taking over the 3 to 6 hours slot. God bless you all. And thank you. The radio remains the most important political medium in America today. However, this is the 21st century. We are in an age of social media in a joint video content, and you must subscribe now to our YouTube channel. Yes, they're trying to censor us. Yes, right now, as we speak on Capitol Hill, the Giants of Big Tech those billionaire liberals, radicals who hate you. And the president are pretending that they are not assaulting every single one of us who love this nation when we reposed or post original content on Twitter on Facebook on all the other platforms. But we do not give up. We continue to fight. And one of the most important things you Khun do Is to access information directly. There are a lot of problems with Steve. He is, in many ways self destructive. I know him past and I have done for many years of bright Barton in the White House, and since the White House It along with Newt Gingrich on Victor Davis Hanson. He's one of the great strategic minds alive in America today. You need to listen. To that interview on the way you do that. He's right now as you're listening to me. You're driving Be safe. Pull over your home being something else or work make a note of it. But if you can write Now go to you tube. Yes, I know it's owned by Google. For the time being that video Is going to be up there for the foreseeable future. Search in the search bar of YouTube for Sebastian Gorka. America first. Then find the channel. Got my photograph. With the blue background that we used on Twitter. That's my real channel. And then hit the subscription button. For that channel. And then, additionally Because they are sneaky. Hit the notification Bell icon twice twice. Later today after you've listened to all your Salem news programming. You must watch that video. We give you the latest breaking information? I broke news in that interview with regards to Hunter Biden. And his service in the military. We give you clips from the incredible interview? With former naval officer Q clearance individual in nuclear energy and weapons. Tony The CEO. Of the company that he created on Hunter Biden's request to do business with the Chinese government. You get Steve's response. Steve's analysis. As the man who has seen the hunter Biden laptop hard drives. And you get his prognosis for what it means right now in battleground states, I'm watching the life feed the president's plane. Air Force One has just arrived in his 12 12. In Bullhead City, Arizona. He has just landed for another incredible rally. What does it mean for the next six days? What do you need to know? Now here is the current state of play. If you take a snapshot Of our political battle space. Across the nation. When it comes to polling figures and early voting. Something has changed. There has been a swing. There has been a shift in the last 72 hours. And things are starting to trend very, very positively for the president on the Republican Party. The figures for early voting by Democrats. Are being challenged and in some states eclipsed by G o p mobilisation. We discuss with Steve, whether early voting really matters of these just individuals who would have voted anyway and who have been scared by the fear tactics. Of Biden and Harris. And all the rest. Or is there something else going on? We look what is happening in Pennsylvania in Arizona in Wisconsin, we look at the fact that again, Joe by them. Simply cannot compare. Forget for a second, the outrageous corruption and national security threat posed by everything that has been revealed by the crime cartel that is the family off Joe Biden in just the last week. But purely in terms of a political venture. Joe Biden is AWOL. He's absent without leave. He's not on the back and don't give me stuff. Oh, he went to Georgia who cares if he went to Georgia? The day he did one pathetic event in Georgia, Georgia, the president was in three different states personally doing rallies in freezing temperatures at which in the last one He had more than 20,000 people in attendance. If if we didn't have The coverage off the fake news industrial complex. We wouldn't even know the Joe Biden was the nominee. Kamala Harris isn't out there when the former president his boss, Obama comes out for two events. He has six people in the room as a former president. If it weren't for the fake news legacy media, we wouldn't even know they're Waas, a Democrat candidate. So things are moving in the right direction. It's still six days. That is a lifetime in politics. It is now up to.

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