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The vehicles annually over the next several years state and local officials have raised concern and that it limits their ability to protect the safety of their citizens thanksgiving to the federal government solar authority to regulate the vehicle's design and performance states would still decide whether to permit selfdriving cars on the roads generally the federal government regulates the vehicle while states regulate the driver automakers have complained that a patchwork of law states have passed in recent years would hamper deployment of the vehicles which they sees the future of the industry selfdriving cars are forecast to dramatically lower traffic fatalities once they are on the road in significant numbers numbers of the senate commerce committee are also working in selfdriving car legislation but a bill hasn't been introduced artist andy warhol and writer truman capote talked for dozens of hours about riding a new play in the late 1970s now those tapes conversations are finally the basis of a new play called warhol capote it's at its world premiere the american repetory theater in cambridge massachusetts tony award winner michael mayor directs the place stitches together four conversations that were hauling capote recorded fifty years ago capote's best known for writing in cold blood and breakfast at tiffany's he died in los angeles in 1984 warhol's pop art made him worldfamous in the '60s and '70s he died in 1987 rider rob broth adapted the play using eighty hours of recordings and eight thousand pages of transcripts from warhol's audio tapes that he tracked down after reading about the metal published version of warhol's diaries take a closer look at unlimited data plans you'll see they're not.

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