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U. V.'s their trucks down there they're all going east right there going into L. A. the other traffic coming the other way is going back is that correct do I read that correctly that's correct admits that whole it's a whole hope area there that's not far from West Los Angeles Sir actually less Los Angeles get ready go Easter coming coming from the east and I'll I do like how you point out the different kind of cars there because you get people in their normal everyday cars you see the type of trucks construction workers and contractors are using it's a real mix and it shows you that it's not just one second society you've got the wealthy and you got the working and everybody in between I'm wondering is the governor of all three states that have banned together to keep the quarantine in shape that would be California Oregon and see Washington that's your beat Pacific watch I wonder if they're seeing their freeways fill up now after they've made these announcements that we will continue let's go to another a revelation this is San Francisco basketball the quarantine way you've sent me a sign Jeff that mime my geometry failed it's a sign that tells you how to play basketball by keeping six feet apart but if I understand this interpretation correctly in a tweet the sign says picture for individuals and it has six feet apart diagonally that means they're actually four feet apart I hope that's good geometry David can you do geometry Jeff well I I studied journalism because they said there'd be no way out there yeah that seems to work out and I double checked it was some a scientist a mathematician they said yes it's about four foot three inches or so if you go with the factor in here but there are there is there they're not quite thinking about everything it's funny is down here in southern California they've taken to removing basketball backboards and hoops in actually taping off basketball courts and volleyball courts another plate court areas up there and they're letting them play but you know how do you play basketball without bumping into people or I've been thinking about that this is a game that could easily go to six hundred to six hundred and twenty because there would be no way to stop somebody dribbling down the court making a layup it would be a foul to get closer than six feet of the rebounding would be nothing but personal you know personal files all the time now this sign with six feet apart is in what looks to be Chinese Arabic script Mandarin it's also in Spanish and a language I don't immediately recognize from the San Francisco government so they work the signs up to display them all around San Francisco this looks like young men playing basketball by themselves so perhaps a bad doesn't there's a really good basketball team in San Francisco right Jeff the gold Golden State really good team yeah the warriors and it yeah indeed and that actually you know you're saying they're going to go to lay out so I think they're gonna follow Steph curry from the warriors everything over three points from now on no blocking and we just take shots okay five now we go to Jeff bliss was criticized last week correctly for having said the homes have disappeared in Los Angeles it turns out the homeless are behind tents are tense the solution for the coronavirus in Los Angeles is that acceptable to mayor Garcetti that they're they're okay because there is an intense I do stand chase and what what's what's occurring is is that there are groups of homeless they weren't Warner before being moved to other areas or they're moving into other areas but still government officials throughout the state are perplexed by what seems to be a disappearance of large groups that were in camp before so let me clarify that but one of the interesting things that we're seeing with the senses that they're homeless when they're offered hotel rooms in other places to go we'll go there for various reasons what's also interesting is people in some parts of the county can be fined or cited in some other ways for not wearing masks on public and yet the people in the homeless population don't get that same treatment so you have people rising up against that inconsistency and it's helping to fuel the anger and frustration we go to Huntington beach Jeff wears Huntington beach in California for a people who have never been there Huntington beach which is also known as surf city USA officially is on Orange County coast so it's south.

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