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For life in watching i'm deeply how the sam before you today vice president might pence now the highest ranking government official to address the crowd in person telling them they've come to a historic moment in the cause for life he has a stellar record in the view of these folks here he was the first congressman as a cogs with from indiana to introduce legislation a bad federal funding to planned parenthood he has a one hundred percent approval reading from the national right to life committee boxes doug mccullough president trump gets his first born leader visit at the white house british prime minister threesome a and a move to tighten security and high speed train team europe belgium ceiling agreement with france and the netherlands to drop passenger lists and introduced passport checks and some international very all services we report you decide the best news and talk around the clock on am six fifty cagey ab the worst green cross moving happen will quickly rose do the rams in hollywood after steven spielberg cast him in the small ball in a film called satan private ryan the did you know the spielberg hired diesel after of my hearing his burkett a short from the keys of himself wrote and directed the found tailed off like they were shot in three days we just three thousand dollars fisher and was widely acclaim and even played at them festivals around the we're out that's just one of the facts featured in the new was episode of you think you nobody's watching now it's been crushed dot com i'm back any search shoring on merit the united states has established itself as the strongest military in the world.

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