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Corn syrup to rattled and caught fire in Minnesota. I'm Shelley Adler. All ahead on America in the morning. Now 7 minutes after the hour, Donald Trump makes history as the first former president to be indicted for a crime, John stone has the story from Washington. Well, after nearly two weeks of speculation, a majority of the 23 person grand jury hearing evidence in the state's investigation into Donald Trump's alleged hush money payment to former adult star stormy Daniels found there was sufficient evidence to indict the former president. The decision is sending reverberations throughout the political world. Trump's former vice president, Mike Pence weighing in on CNN last night. Well, I think the unprecedented indictment. Of a former president of the United States on a campaign finance issue is an outrage. And it appears that for millions of Americans. To be nothing more than a political prosecution. That sentiment echoed by Republican senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Fox News. If you got a pile of crappy, chop it up 34 times, it's still a pile of crap. It's duplicitous charging. They're trying to smear the guy. They're trying to take cases that nobody else would take in resurrect them. This is literally legal voodoo. Trump released a 5 paragraph statement, calling the indictment political prosecution and election interference at its highest level. Excoriating defense attorney Alvin Bragg as a puppet of Democrats, quote doing Joe Biden's dirty work. Other top Republican leaders weighing in, House speaker Kevin McCarthy says Bragg, quote, irreparably damage the country and is attempting to interfere in the 2024 election. Florida governor Ron DeSantis calling Bragg's indictment that, quote, weaponization of the legal system. And he promised his state will not assist in any extradition request. And Nikki Haley, who has announced a run for The White House in 2024, criticized the indictment as being more about revenge than justice. Despite the critics, Bragg's case will go forward thanks in large part to the testimony of their star witness. Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen, who says he arranged the payment by Trump in 2016 just ahead of the election in order to keep Daniels quiet about their 2006 affair. Cohen tells MSNBC the indictment proves he is not a liar. Once again lies misinformation, disinformation malformation that they're throwing against me will ultimately continue to prove that everything that what I had provided was relevant to this investigation. Democrats are having their say to former House speaker Nancy Pelosi saying quote hopefully the former president will peacefully respect the system and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer noting Trump is, quote, subject to the same laws as every American. And attorney for Trump says he will submit himself to arraignment in New York on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the city of New York is preparing for possible protests, a memo went out to all NYPD officers that everyone will be on duty. John stillness, Washington. It's ten after. Investigators with a U.S. Army are looking into what caused a deadly helicopter crash involving two rotary wing aircraft in Kentucky. Correspondent Clayton Neville reports. The two Black Hawk helicopters were part of the 101st airborne division. They crashed around 10 o'clock Wednesday night in trig county in southwest Kentucky about 30 miles northwest of fort Campbell. Rivers responded to the area and came across the wreckage of two military black hawks. Kentucky state trooper Sarah Burgess. The crash occurred in a field, some wooded area, but primarily a field area at this time there are no reports of resident damage. One helicopter had 5 people on board and

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