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Let's go to Kathy and Ben Stockton and New Jersey one on 1.5. Cathy. Hey, Steve. How you doing? I'm good. How are you? We're hanging in there. Oh, good. I'm glad to hear it. Hello. I'm a wager here to local restaurant in town and Alien. Danny's been closed since you know you got to open, right? But, Yeah, I worked a count or my boss gave in Canada towers, you know, during the whole pandemic. Well, that's good with him. Gay countires. You have a good delivery and a good takeout. So you're way open the dining room and nobody comes at one cable today. Why is there only one want to come? Yeah, Crazy things of this scared Still, You know what? At least you're doing all right with the take out, you know, And you get happy that my boss, he still gives us counter pay. Imagine a lot better than leeches bag Well, he knows we get a table, so let's just keep it tips, So that's a nice thing. That is a good thing. Where's the restaurant? Can you give it a plug? Talking on Westfield Average call Monica Grillo's month. Grillo's Yeah, that was the best thing on the menu. Ah, you but, um, our Zubeida. Ah, Okay. All right. What's your category? 80 Give me a good one. That could really flattering tickets. All right, I'm gonna give you a good one from the eighties. Lying beside you here in the dark journey. Open arms takeout for you. Alright, were going to Sherry is a main role in New Jersey. I want a 1.5. Sherry, baby. What's up? Well, you've got it, Steve. Thank you. Bad time. Love to the need linen. Albert, I'm so happy. They made it through this week with the first day of school. Oh, my God. You know what Albert did so well, the teacher sent them an e mail saying how great he did, And it was on top of things, Which is a completely different now. But I was like, who are you? And what do you do? And who are you letting disguising years? Always Albert with no. You never know. They might have traded question. Nobody would know. Oh, well, now the heck let's give way. Yeah, I know. They'll figure that out later and start looking like miracles. Well, that they got that thing. Where, like, If you're not in the zoom class right here. It's just you know, you have to be on screen. If teachers and see you on screen you get in trouble. Like it's Sam. Like, you know, just filling in for each other. It's 20 bucks. Go do math from religion. What's your category? Oh, yeah. Thank you for calling me, kiddo. What do you suggest? Now? You gotta pick it otherwise, if you lose after guilty if I ever have you lose, and you bigger than Officer bet what you can't I love it. Try seventies going way older than your documents. Now you're not About this hot summer night fell like a net gun knowing on Oh, you're you go this way. No. Maybe I don't. You don't Ah, Hot summer Now it fell like a net. Ah, trying, I organizing, And I think that I can think it. Can you hear it in your head? Say it. Yeah, I got a summer night. Oh, no, no, no, I don't want to lose, you know. It's like a rocket in my head. I assume, assume as I hang up, did you know that? Oh, I hate that. But I do gotta get out of the cause. Ah! I'm good. Thank you guys. Thie alive going and then they're gonna wrap me boy. What's happening, Ralph? Hey, afternoon. Evening, Steve. How you doing? I'm good. You Good. Good. I like in this competition to the Honeymooners episode Where Ralph, please goes on name that tune on Ed Norton play that little intro every time number $9000..

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