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You to the Jodi Mack show already in progress here's Judy math with thanks got a mailer from bleacher report come on talk a little baseball with us yeah I was a good week and Cheney a go at the winter meetings I've been to a couple I would like to have been to more read depends on what outlet I'm working for at that time as to whether they can send me your not they don't have it up here in New York often wonder why maybe because it's a little chilly appear in December and they have it in a warm climate is almost every single year sure enough twenty two years I went it was in Indiana and indeed in Indianapolis I guess they old Indianapolis some I don't know what it was for a good winter meeting is great the hotel was great there was a busy year and I'd never been Indianapolis before and they've got a sad okay totals downtown where you can stay some above ground from below ground you walk from hotel to hotel to all in the light can you can basically cover all you want to without having to go outside so it actually turned out to be a pretty damn good trip Babin two is many is I would like to yes any angle would have been a pretty good trip this week goodbye to stop did come down if you are a U. C. mad you want to talk to baseball with me about my telephone lines eight five five two one two four two two seven will come back we'll go a little bit more rare insight to week fourteen in the NFL one game that does increase me is eight four oh five eastern start the Vikings go out to LA to take on the Chargers Rogers look like the Chargers add that we well I thought they'd be okay to cheer people get charges we twelve in for life here they take in a couple of major steps backwards this season well I've put about forty five spot on the jags last weekend offense looked a little bit more like which was look throughout the season can they do that two weeks in a row and they turned a bit of a corner trying to save their season not to make the playoffs but they could get back to respectability other Vikings going into a Hornet's nest is weak in LA against the Chargers I never think that's the case because they can't draw flies that stadium every single week if you want to charge you games at least half the stadiums occupied by the opposing team's fans Minnesota is kind of flying under the radar with this season that there have went to all the best in the NFC talk about certainly the Seahawks enough for forty Niners out in the west and New Orleans and Green Bay people seem to be talking more about the eagles in the cowboys because one of those two teams going to win the division and they might do it eight eight made it's a possibility they could get the nine and seven it's not impossible that the winner of the debate you'll be seven and nine and that's going Morton tension in the Vikings well having a real good season but they're flying under the radar I might be a good day I'm gonna talk to their play by play voice coming up next hour but I'll talk to you about any NFL team did you want to get on donker with me at eight five five two one two four two two seven come back give you the update on the president's Cup as well a lot to do bottom of the hour we gotta TBS board to update for you here's sent canner sports play all right.

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