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And we've talked about the coaching staff on this show. But their offense. I think can keep in games. I would take that young skill group not counting quarterbacks. I guess i'm going like just running back receiver group of young players over any in the nfl. I can't i. I mean dallas would be in the mix i mean there'd be other teams in the mix but i think i would take. Partly because i just love t higgins so much and i'm kind of assuming jomar chases is gonna be awesome but i did notice kind of doing this exercise. The bengals have completely changed their approach of player acquisition. I don't know if it's gonna work. But they were the number one team in terms of draft and development in the nfl year after year they dominated this stat which was just like how many snaps that you have from players. He drafted they would be like far and away ahead of the entire. Nfl now. is that working particularly. It was working. Okay they were. They were making the playoffs. Losing usually under marvin lewis. Now you look at their different. It's all free agents from other places that were mostly letdowns in at least at some points like dj reader ogunjobi hendrickson von bell from dallas. You got trae. Wayne's mike came in just a lotta guys from other places in your county on lou albano to just make it work that i'm usually doesn't work that they are. Everyone says like the middle class of free agency is kinda dead star except for the bengals. They're all about the middle. I'd have to think green bay would be up to too. But i can already see a trend. I can already tell what's gonna happen on this show. If cleveland starts out like one in three or four two and four. It's like here. we are cleveland. I'd one nice season and everyone's over it now. It's like they've been an. It's an offseason whether it being a little overrated now. At this point it's june people are tired of that and it's going to be exhaustion. Sit in you know. The saints can be good for like eighteen years in a row. The packers can be good for twenty-five. But cleveland had their one season. Now let's have the bengals come nipped them in the butt and stuff you know take them from fourth to third third or fourth place and the steelers suddenly are seeming. Like there's so much better than cleveland and we just trust the ravens and the whole you know what that's why have knicks shook. Who is about six foot. Three and built of bricks to start throwing punches. If you guys get to loose on this front you better keep it. Keep your traps closed. I'm a little annoying mark we've been we've been prepared for this. We've been steeled by the year. That was two thousand nineteen. I'll tell you. What the vitriol that i endured online while working for the browns as they went down in a massive ball of flames. It was unlike anything i've ever experienced working here. And and ranking players and upsetting fans. Because they're guys ninth when he should be second in their opinion So people love for the hype machine to go down and crash and burn but even if they did start one in three. It's a long season remember. They got blown out in week one last year. I'm sure you guys will be totally calm on sunday night. Podcast if they're just be. Oh yeah yeah. It's a long season very measured all your points about the sketchy on you for the browns and mark. Those are thursday. Show stuff by then. You'll have calmed down a little bit. I think i'll be too afraid on sunday nights like we know it's all about the is. You gotta see where the before you make any comments at all but there is. There's been a browns fan right now. Yes you have to deal with the expectations but on the plus side like likable draft. Time as an example. It's like everyone is just genuflecting at the altar of the cleveland browns. At everything they do is genius. So if you're going to get that type of positive buzz around the organization. You gotta deal with the expectation heat. That comes with it. It's part of the price. I had this very weird dream. I will not take more than minimum this last night. It's one of those ones where you wake up. And it's like five in the morning. You have no idea who you are. But i was at an airport with you. Dan and we were in this lake insane. Chase to try to find luggage. And i was trying to get kevin's defence. Ke's luggage for him. And i was meant to then take it to the browns complex. But i couldn't find it. And i kept getting lost and it was snowing out and then you were like hey man. I'm good like we were going to a hotel and you're like i found my baggage so are you. Can you figure this out. I guess so. And i'm walking around with this like sort of rather strange colorful bag that belongs to kevin stefanski and then the dream ended. I didn't fulfil the jets on any level. What does that dream. So that you're kevin stefanski is like jockey his bag. I was like the guy that would be like. Hey can you do us a favor. Can you just you know. He's gotta go. Go bring his luggage to the complex. And don't don't forget. Anything and i was like baggage everywhere. People were wearing masks explained. Knicks final day with the cleveland browns. Some sensitive materials coming in from nicaragua. Can you call up to pick it up. that is. that's the dream book would say that. That's mark dealing with distress in weight of carrying the browns bag on the national perspective in dealing with the fire. From you guys and the pressure and it's getting to him and it's getting into his subconscious and the season can't get here all these lower i could. That's well well into that anymore. I have one last one before we If anybody else jumps in go ahead jump in. But you know greg. I don't know listen. We do a lot of stuff together on On television and on this podcast. And so i've heard this a lot and have read this now in your piece of record on the two thousand and twenty one season upcoming project starters. I need receipts on this russell. Wilson league mvp promotion this this theory or this. You advocating for months on sunday night. Football game where it was like. It was a pre game interview and knows all about all the media outlets sane how he's never received an mvp vote. That was all part of it. Yeah but your theory here and correct me. If i'm wrong. That russell wilson spearheaded this media narrative that right. That's what you're saying. You're calling it a promotion that he was running behind the scenes. I mean no. I yeah pretty much that he was. He was contributing to he talked publicly about like what an mvp would mean to him and that he wants to be the greatest in the game and that is what he wants he was asked about it. I'm sure unless you point out her. You bring up enough. That i need proof at this point that he was actually doing this. I don't want to vote more. Importantly i want to win the award. Wilson said september twenty fifth. I mean what are you. What are you asking me here. He is doing it. He's got the pr my stained by. I do like you also ended your seahawks right up with this. Little blurb also popular seahawks fans any shout out to their status as a special breed of humanity more knowledgeable and inexplicable than any other collection of people on earth. What do you do over there rosendo. Yeah what's that about just messing around you. also here. yeah well that. And they didn't think it's all connected. Yeah they didn't like that and they just like the seahawks fans they do have a great twitter presence. They're smart they're weird But they don't like to hear that any other fan base could also have like a smart weird fantasy. Stay with they wanna feel special and once you say like okay. I'm not really feeling them as a super bowl team this year. Then then they come at market down june third. Two thousand twenty one. Greg rosenthal officially became fatigued with seahawks and seahawks twitter. Keep the twelve's weird. The t shirts that read Anybody else before we close out the segment. Which by the way has a title and that title is projected starters..

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