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And the Mississippi State BULLDOGS number fourteen Saturday night Kentucky also today released their two thousand nineteen football schedule. It will include eight home game. Games. The only next the only time next year Kentucky will go on the road back to back weeks in September at Mississippi State net, South Carolina once in October at Georgia and once in November at Vanderbilt the Louisville Kentucky game next year in Lexington on November thirtieth level women's basketball released their scheduled for this season today, and it includes a huge game against Notre Dame on January tenth a Thursday night showdown night on ESPN Louisville Notre Dame in south bend is the premier match up that night at seven o'clock. Little will start the season the ACC season January third against North Carolina. And Michael Jordan has donated two million dollars to hurricane relief hurricane Florence relief. Of course, he is from Wilmington, North Carolina. He said he just felt like quote ahead to act in a sense that this is my home, and I wanted to help rebuild my home the PGA tour. Fedex Cup playoffs will end up next week. It's ten million this year next year. They bumped it up. It'll be fifteen million. Dollars to the winner. That's sports NewsRadio eight forty W H S. Nice pay raise. Let's go to New York for citizens Union Bank. Bloomberg money news. Here's Martin to Curro. Well, thanks a lot the US and China have both escalated the trade fight Terry Taras will go into effect on Monday. But Wall Street was focusing on something else. A tech rebound. Many of the same stocks that took losses yesterday, apple Amazon. Google they lead the way today. Louisville based Papa John's is out with new ads today as it continues to distance itself from founder John schnatter, the commercial show a diverse group of franchisees looking into the camera and introducing themselves. You've heard one voice of Papa John's for a long time. One says followed by another who says it's time you heard from all of us the pizza chain began removing schnatter's image from its logos. And restaurants over the summer after it was revealed used a racial slur during a media training session. He is still the largest shareholder though in the company. Shares fell a nickel today to forty six thirty three. So on Wall Street, the Dow gained seven tenths of a percent up one eighty four to twenty six thousand two hundred forty six the NASDAQ up sixty the S and P gained fifteen oil.

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