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Showed up Ben Gardner also participated in the reefs across America event locally there in Findlay now you had the Rhode Island trucking association hosting their first torch run truck convoy for Special Olympics truck convoy of fund raising event in partnership with law enforcement truckers increasing support for the Special Olympics you had over fifty trucks in thirty companies participated in that event to benefit the Rhode Island Special Olympics this year course reached across America which has been around for a number of years it continues to expand and grow and a number of companies and drivers volunteered in some cases their equipment the other time thousands of volunteer show up all around the country at cemeteries are you had the the sheriff's department sheriff departments brown Santa S. H. one thirty concession company they operate maintain of the sections of S. H. one thirty in central Texas partnered with the the sheriff's department collecting presidents are present rather for children in need throughout central Texas of the Saint Christopher truckers relief fund helped professional truck drivers of families who were taken off the road after an illness or injury they can help whether it be rent utilities vehicle payments insurance payments since their inception back in two thousand eight the Saint Christopher truckers relief fund has helped over three thousand drivers with more than three million dollars today so just a handful of those again you have done the toys for tots programs the touch a truck at a New York and so many others so I guess just a big word of thank you tip of the hat for all those who participated volunteered to help others this Christmas season hello power Jack what's going on why are you doing fine how was your Christmas which.

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