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Earth she's helping heading buck is charged she's helping us he don't know foster she don't know pasa calmly anyone v v are not brought together struggling we are not a neighbor of sisters oberlin but the holy spirit bring us together so many times before not once a day in the holy spirit has compilers has joins us to be together and heading buckets on these are thoughts getting days reforest before v going to these stra befall ven to be saturday did as that of jesus christ people are forcing our every day our men and women of forcing can't for jesus cries to be a wonderful people head in pakistan viteri for the holy spirit who save fit who has dissolved saved us are fit that are many from but the holy spirit never alone he always albus he on davidenko us giving us this trend to speak up he owned his given us this trend to stand for the word of god and i must say let me about your spirit as god has sean his love to his his son that he has so much for the word that he has given his own son that shall be fifteen jesus guys never be died and jesus has abundance of life he has many many many homes for us those who think that after the dead that is going to be saved we are nowhere to go the dose who are disappointed today those who have many problem in their live dogs who have many difficulties in their life have this card has this follow to change your life gone has this fellow to bring once again to rejoice in god once again in straw d bhalla in yourself once again he installed the once again he can has the big wonder stirred of this follow through the store is your happiness in your home runs.

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