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Your NBC. Sports radio. Update starts now, Jon Stashower. What a game in San Antonio Spurs made their first fourteen three point shot. They went to overtime with the thunder. And then double OT picked up by mills. Mills finds the trailer Bryn Forbes baba the past got download Aldridge who lays it up. For Marcus Aldridge has four fifty one points tonight and the Spurs lead by two one forty three one forty one its first radio Aldridge would finish with fifty six points far and away a girl high previous was Forty-five. The thunder Spurs outscored the funder one fifty four to one forty seven. It's one or seven in the laws. Russell westbrook. Twenty four point then twenty four assist. Wait. I weighed team I nineteen points. Miami ended Boston four-game Wednesday went to ninety nine. Another typical double for Nikolai Yokich giver all over the clippers won twenty one to one hundred nuggets game and a half ahead of the warriors and the best record in the west. San Jose's hot and hockey five straight wins. They ended gold Vegas seven game win streak three to scoring twice three nine seconds apart Washington over the Bruins four two caps have won fourteen straight against Boston. Finally, a win from Philadelphia to one over Dallas to end and losing streak. Tampa Bay one again thirty fourth win of the year. Three one over Carolina like to get all three in the third period. Michigan wolverines or sixteen and go along with Virginia. Only undefeated teams left seventy nine sixty nine at Illinois fifth-ranked Gonzaga, help Pacific to thirty six points in one by thirty one UCLA three and inspiring Steve Alford under Murry, Bartow. The Bruins gave him seventeen down in the second half and be Oregon it overtime, boss icon windshield, wipers, drink their MAC, three sixty five rubber technology. Whenever.

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