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Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, Bridgewater discussed on Ross Tucker Football Podcast

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We talked about in the college draft podcast, the offense to tackle around. I don't think he'll be as good as Joe Thomas, but he just kind of reminds me Joe Thomas, maybe it's the seventy three the way he sets the way he goes about it is, is there a guy that you can see darnold becoming similar to like Eric, I that people because they okay, he's, he's that type of player. Boy, that's a tough question. I don't have somebody immediately in mind simply because darnold is a little quirky to me because he he's plays the game with a little bit of and frenetic comes across as a negative word, but he's not a, you know, he's not a smooth comfortable looking player, which again doesn't mean he can't be a good player that just may be his natural state. So no, there's no one I could think of immediately that that Sam darnold reminds me of, but I assume he's going to get a lot of snaps in the third preseason game. They've been talking about him as if he's going to be there week one starter. So I guess we'll have to wait and see on that. What about what about Bridgewater? It seems like there's with every week now more and more of a buzz building about Bridgewater is he is he really playing that. Well, Greg, I thought he played well. This week I watched all his drawbacks. I've thought he. Showed excellent pocket movement with that. Avoid and reset ability. He made some strong second reaction throws and he's not a runner. Let's say like Russell Wilson is when Russell leaves the pocket, but he moves to throw. It's a trait he showed with the Vikings as well. The touchdown eat through to peak the receiver, the old Clemson receiver, I thought it was a terrific quarterback play by teddy Bridgewater. He understood the concept. He used his shoulder roll, which is usually seen as more advanced quarterbacking understand how to understanding how to move and manipulate the defense teddy Bridgewater, I think, is a a relatively refined player. He's not a high high level thrower, but he can certainly throw it well enough to make the throws that are required. I think he's a comfortable player. It'll be interesting to see teams really wanna trade for him. That's what we hear it. It'll be interesting to see where the jet stand with teddy Bridgewater. When you say comfortable player, what do you mean when you watch? I, it's funny where we're talking about Bridgewater right after we're talking about darnold Bridgewater just has sort of a poise and composure to his movement. Nothing looks hurried. Nothing looks for network. You know, it's like watching any athlete in any sport, and I think people can get a visual picture of this. You can sort of see when a guy when there's an ease of movement to him. You know, Bridgewater has an ease of movement. Sam darnold does not have an ease of movement to him, which again doesn't necessarily mean you can't be a good player. Let's keep it in that division, Greg, and let's talk about Josh Allen, you know, I'm not a quarterback expert or guru like you are. But man, I must say. That touchdown against the Browns just the way he did that whole play. I was pretty impressed so far. He's done a lot of good things. Hasn't he. Yeah. And I thought there was clear improvement from his first game to his second game, and I thought that they, they really focused on him playing in rhythm with quicker drops and throwing shorter passes because that was one of the things he needed to work on, coming out of Wyoming. He was not a pace touch thrower. He was not as affected throwing shorter passes and I thought he looked very comfortable with his drops. Two sets his delivery. He through with touch on the short balls. I thought that his stride length was a little bit shorter, which is critical and shorter throws you. You don't wanna overstride on the shorter throws for sure. He was consistently accurate. He clearly looked to me and again, it's one week I'm only telling you what the tape shows, but he looked like he's being coached, and it also looks like he's being receptive to that coaching. Obviously, we know he can make plays with movement. So when he made had that two yard touchdown pass, which clearly showed his athleticism movement, his poise composure. His ability to make second reaction plays. We know that that that that's not what I was looking at. Is that a great play?.