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That's I doubt, Robin Hood dot com. Six is in the book, but we are still talking about some of the best and had to offer namely chiefs and pets. New England might have one Sunday night, but the Kansas City Chiefs certainly put on his show on national television. Patrick Mahomes nearly pulled off a miracle comeback against Tom Brady leaving quite the impression on the New England quarterback. Offense, heat delivers the ball. Those guys have a lot of speed. They catch and run with it. You know, tyreek sale play there at the end was pretty spectacular. You know, jump up, you know, catch the ball on and ability to celebrate his. You know, there's no one like the NFL. He's just he's so talented. So between Kelsey hunt, Sammy Watkins, you know the way Mahomes can throw the ball, it's it's going to be up to stop those guys too. So they got they got a good team. Sure. I'm sure they'll be there in the end. One thing it was noticed about Tom Brady, he watches the game even when he's on the sideline. He knows what everyone else does. He he's so tuned into how good his opponents are or when he goes to game plan against them. See which team do you trust more moving forward, the patriots or the chiefs. It's hard to say you trust another team more than you trust patriots because it's not Xs and os. It's all the situations that lead up to it. It's all the players over the next ten weeks that are going to be hurt all the just moments that you're going to have to make who's going to reinvent themselves week after week, which team will be better..

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