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Yes indeed if welcome everyone to the film fault that's amnesty i'm brian bishop where your house four alarm set on your phone yeah we got a lot of stuff going on your host for today's top topped by pixar movies down the middle of the plate not out of the park no fun and games getting right down to it pixar movies this on the the inverse of not anniversary of the occasion of the twentieth pixar films right in the twentieth release of the pixar film i kind of fought for this one because i love me some pixar and it's a manageable list i've seen hate to say this but i've seen most all of them i haven't seen all of them because some of them i gave up 'cause i didn't like the first one there a couple of sequels that didn't combination of what you just said didn't score tomatoes like i've seen every single original for sure and i sometimes feel guilty like if there's not a ton of a research involved i feel like it's not worth it but you know what it's it's it's fine that we're celebrating pixar because i feel that strongly about those movies and what they do over there fine folks over pixar and i got these are five movies that everyone should see everybody i agree with you my initial thought was only twenty films you wanna do it for patriot i'm like no this is worthy thought it was like is this slicing too thin picks ours you know it's one studio it's even animated films on even even what i'm saying is the top five wouldn't have been topfive animated films of this era at five whatever no it's just our movies but to your point consistently high quality work they've changed movies we'll talk about that they may have had a dramatic impact impact on family films at least just all hollywood and deserve deserve to be body and i will say to your point there is one original pixar are medicine the sequels i'm with you there is one regional have not seen that's not accept high now feel about of what else is not acceptable as mean foreign to show not saying hey sandiego talking to you very excited see you tomorrow night don't joe's gas lamp jolt end joe jolt in joe's san diego gas lamp district i will be showing my movie for the second time ever and it's going to be small intimate we have all of the upstairs and holds two hundred fifty people but never in my wildest dreams that i think i was ever gonna fill that thing so it's going to be way more sparse than that but it's gonna be a great time have outing male gonna catch up we're going to have the whole place where cells for like ours i think so i think doors are like seven unless you've got the early bird than doors are at six for you and get you in their early and watch watch some of the shorts and catch up a little bit then watched the film and then party afterwards i'm going to be hanging out there probably at least midnight one o'clock in the morning and drinking all you people come thirsty come hunger exam a minimum that i have to hit or else i'm out of pocket if i don't hit my twenty five hundred and booze and food i gotta pay for it and i do i get to go back to that establishment like you know in a few months and it's up to gal can do i like a gift card i don't know how this works i'm paying for it but yeah come on out and watch the comedy dark comedy that is groupers that so far i've gotten button ninety percent positive feedback you know what i would say as it pertains to hitting you minimum for the people attending make sure that they know you're with the party you know what i mean don't go early in order a bunch of food and get full downstairs i don't do that yup stairs yeah i'll talk to i think wall works because got the same thing happened with a cold cockle night which you weren't part of either but yeah we a lot of people drink outside of the actual private room and then he realized that so brian brings up a very good point and come thirsty come hungry they have bathrooms there they.

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