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Going down long bonds are going down when interest rates are going up so in a two percent rising interest rate environment it lasts between twenty one and twenty four years i dunno going to my life expectancy calculator i'm sayin' ad fly a husband and wife at age sixty two or sixty five i should say we'll make it 21 years what does that eighty six twenty four years eighty nine listen a healthy couple of wage 65 today as not a fifty percent chance one or the other make it the ninety two and a twenty five percent chance one or the other make it a ninety seven and that's based on what we know about mortality and morbidity and life expectancy today twenty thirty years surrounding the a think we're going to know more what i say the other day the halflife of medical technology is seventy three days yeah i wanted to know a lot more and people are gonna be living a lot longer and you know what that means that means you get to take advantage of the insurance companies today and it's why dr foul frc michael eta says the warden financial institutions center nationwide the list goes on and on got their motion milewski morningstar david blanchett michael it was a michael whatever his name is from texas tech think these are all studies that have been done on this subject it's done it's over for those that are critical of a new a tising there either afraid of making the recommendation or they're not form so josh as a cfp and training consider yourself informed okay let's move on uh the other question i get from within the industry financial advisers and so forth and outside of is this whole debate now on roth verses traditional iras and 401 case so i i i looked at this from the actuary steve vernons perspective now we all know the rules right now know that when you put.

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