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They tell me it's going to be coming any day now so i will i'll let you know when that happens but you know it's very interesting because i'm larussa first of all it's one of the only people in this white house who had previously served in a white house if you can believe that she was in official in a i'll gore's office uh during the clinton administration and with her gone and now with tina powell also gone um i think we might be we might be down to zero uh current currently serving white house officials who previously served in the white house uh have to double check that but it is sort of astonishing that this reality tv star uh with one of the only people with with legitimate experience in a white house or who'd never set foot in a white house none other tora before um but you know it's interesting her entire time there was sort of like this this extended uh reality shows sequins you know there were all these different stories about what does she really do she's wandering around she's picking fights she's taking her wedding photos with her bridesmaids on the grounds and making people aim gree um and so it doesn't surprise me that he is has similarly ended in this dramatic mysterious fashion this is indicative of a broad reduction in chaos at the white house the john kelly is going through and removing the distractions in omarosa was just one of the items on his list the i hate you could look at it that way or you can look at it in a different way which affect count kelly had to remove a reality tv contestant from the white house and that's remarkable and it felt i mean i think it speaks to how unusual this white house is they how unusual donald trump is and how uh completely impossible john kelly's task is at the end of the day the he we have to remove somebody like on moroshima who still nobody is really sure what exactly she did there so this is one item from a week than i did have a number of leg remarkable strange things coming out of the white house new york times had this report about how the president watches 48 hours a day of televisions to.

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