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A player who is going to move the needle in terms of the giants returning to the relevance in prominence that they have been so accustomed to for so long arm in don't care where it is as long as you make the team better in a dramatic a noticeable way and soon but we haven't got that yet but isn't that longterm isn't that what you just said the person who is most able to do that the quarterback yeah and then you've got him to infusing weather hanging onto manning frame you too but i mean he's thirty seven gonna be 38 for this season's even over i mean you're they're going if you're not but i'm sure the giants so be on the spot anytime soon if there is a franchise quarterback that they locate i i just think it would be a big mistake if this organization passed on it at this point i mean you have a thirty seven soon to be 38yearold quarterback uh and the guy that this regime did not drafts and you know maybe things looked good with david sort but is a crash right now you've never seen him play and if you man the guy that you think is a franchise quarterback you know then the giants are gonna have what he lives in his 16th year the next guy goes another ten years you're gonna for 25 years stretch where you're going to be pretty good for most of that 25 your stretch if you have that franchise quarterback so to me if that franchise quarterback that is the guy that they pay packets okay this is the best quarterbacks in the draft we seeing them as a franchise quarterback i think would be a group of a mistake that will set the franchise back you know at least three to five years if they don't it's pull the trigger on that and i don't know it does matadi like manning's there he's not going to last forever i mean we've got that right he's been on the decline who expect him to all of a sudden put it back together dates thirty seven thirty eight and then have several more years would just be short or for decisionmaking at the top and i don't think they would make that mistake be honest with you real quickly and then we gotta let you go zooming out from the giants would staying.

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