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Whole family smart smart dot is it in the USA dot com slash G. L. E. to learn more for safety's bands the best or not some of it may describe is optional aside this is gonna be right it brokers crash your car one of the side they have the right lane shut down to try to recover right now at chat exploding up as you come off the fifty seven let's check in with Jeff body KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com is that at that rides to read it well you have a bit of good news here and a heads up so was that with this here first the west bend I do wanna comedy indeed is over to the right shoulder now but for over the five ninety one interchange right now it's eight pages so it's kind of slow going over there that added to the delays going over to the six oh five but again all lanes open and a big reveal now of that north five going through Burbank we're up there a little while ago the bigger problem was appointed Vista that finally cleared all lanes open and there was a problem before that right around Verdugo of Burbank but that problem was in that rather but a large work area over to the left so it's going to be slow from the one thirty four going up towards point of as a but again all lanes are open for you engine in an accident visit super woman super lawyers dot com Jeff Octavia find this guy and this report is sponsored by mercury insurance can't find this guy helps get you there faster I'm Brian auto what's better than saving money saving more money California drivers save an average of seven hundred sixty nine dollars with mercury insurance see how much you could save by getting a fast free quote in as little as seven minutes at mercury insurance dot com that's mercury insurance dot com do you suffer from crow's feet deep wrinkles red and brown spots sun damage broken blood vessels loose scanner acne scars.

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