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Autopilot and it's just like okay. I'm just gonna hit straight like i. It doesn't involve once you start bringing variables and he's got to start. Amen you know off the centerline. Some i yeah. I feel like you would get more trouble that way. And there's some about short game. I just don't find his. You know it doesn't lend them to have to scramble as much and I don't know i. I think benign and just fairways and greens obviously favors them. I think that makes sense. I guess statistically like the easier it is the more chance someone has of running him down right counter to that i yeah. I think it's just like the harder it is the more chance. Like ball's gonna plug in the bunker like blown up in the wind and ends up in a spot where he's gonna make but two bogeys in a relic slightest bit off and then chances are one of ten guys right behind. You is going to have a great day in pass all the tests in the wind and in theory they can go either way right. You're gonna play a dominant round in the wind and run away and hide from everybody. But that's what it seems like though about this this golf course and we've said this i think thursday but why it's a different type of open is it just doesn't seem unless you're you know. Rip marcel siem who hit the iron out of bounds on fourteen. Like it doesn't seem like you're gonna make triple somewhere right like it. Just seems like it's going to be really slow leak if you are gonna leak but it also seems like somebody can like run you down and that's where you know i remember going. You know the saturday show that we did going into the final round of the. Us open was very like you know. Someone's not gonna go shoot sixty three tomorrow. Sixty four like maybe if rahm ties the best round of the of the week and shoot sixty. Seven like yeah. He might have a chance to win but like he's gotta do that and tomorrow no i mean somebody very well could shoot sixty four. They might do some more like easier pins tomorrow a little. Today was tipped out all the way a foot off the rough on every t- and some pinson's and very difficult spots they may make may set up for a little bit more excitement. But i think feel like the more the the more difficult you make the pins also like if it's eighteen holes more of like precision iron play louis c. Incredible iron player but like he's playing with colin against the best one. And the only thing i'll say about that makes me really like louise chances. You can take this. You can take way of like he. Just louis's burned a of edges. That's what i was gonna kinda feels like. He should be up four right easy. I mean his his putt on one is put onto. We had another one on On twelve i think he had another short one. That just does like i know. They're kind of fifty fifty putts but those eight footers that like could either have go in half of them. Don't seem like he misses all well. It's like the footers that aren't supposed to go in. But he's still hitting really good putts or not really not really getting a ton out of those i know he made one on nine today. He made a real nice You know twist left. That was kind of you know from outside fifty percent range and he saved his fair share of cars as well. Yeah especially in that kind of stretch that he had so it. I don't know it just seems like almost that louis hasn't necessarily played like his best gulf yet. He's still could have a big run. I was thinking about it and and obviously calling. We can talk about him next but he almost like out of it. After the first couple of holes which is crazy and stupid to think that he would be but Like just really bad. Start from him and kudos to him for massively steadying the ship and getting back in it. But yeah louis. I was thinking about it watching all day today. I was kind of thinking about like. How does this happen to me. Like you guys talked about it last night. Like he's not he doesn't choke like he doesn't hit. The shot at the shot at zurich was a joke that was bashar. That's not yeah. But i'm just trying to think of other like massive choke moments and it doesn't happen at the closest thing i could think it's like a gas leak basically that creeps in and it's just of like just very slow you just don't even really realize what's happening all of a sudden. It's like wait. He's he's too back now. Like how did that how he didn't even do anything wrong. Like what what happened. Just just creeps in man and that's kind of how it fell today and good for him for getting feedback under him and finishing really nicely. I will say to. I made this point earlier. Like there's you know you can go to somebody's wikipedia page and see some uncompetitive t twos and you know people by name names people. Don't remember like sean mikhael. Finishing second at the two thousand six pga as much as like people should on tiger or macgill's record like he was tigers dealing with prevented us from mckee winning. Pj's but louis louise. Major runner-up major finishes about heartbreaking as it gets ready loss in the playoff. The twenty told masters To bubba he finished one shot out of playoff at the two thousand fifteen. Us open at chambers bay. He lost in a playoff at the two thousand fifteen open championship at at the old course to jordan. Speak to know. Yeah of course Finished one shot out of a playoff at the twenty twenty one. Us open this year so with that with just those finishes he's six shots away from those events of having five majors and then add in his other. Two runner ups. He lost by two so flip. Those three shots each. He's twelve shots away from having seven majors and it's impossible to think about that. Every tommy burns one of these edges just like shall we in for another one like another one. I mean i don't have any emotional in personal investment in louis. I don't know if i could take another one like it kind of breaks my heart a little bit. It's yeah we're saying downstairs.

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