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And Democrats in Congress to who want to see a deal passed on Fox News Sunday, Secretary Mnuchin said Democrats are to blame. The speaker has refused to sit down and negotiate unless we agree to something like a $2.5 trillion, dealing it pounds. Democrats have proposed a covert, really Package that cost over $3 trillion Senate returns Tuesday. The House early next week boxes Lucas Tomlinson, the Trump administration in Congress have raised agreement to pass a bill to avoid a government shutdown. A federal judge has ordered the Census Bureau to keep on counting, at least until court hearing is held. This month. Several cities counties in civil rights groups sued the Census Bureau and demanded they hold the original deadline for counting heads, which is the end of October, The bureau decided to stop counting by the end of This month. The plaintiff's fear that minority communities would be under counted and this possibly lose out on $1.5. Trillion in federal funding That's at stake. Fox is Kira McCue about 200 campers in California's Sierra National Forest had to be airlifted to safety after they were trapped by a fast moving wildfire. At least two were severely injured. America is listing that Fox News Hey, What's your plan for Labor Day? Maybe a backyard barbecue. A trip to the beach. You know where there's fun. There's always good food. That's right. And stater Brothers Markets has everything you need juicy burgers. Flavorful stakes carne asada about some sweet corn and juicy watermelon. Crispy fried chicken and an ice cold.

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