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Come back within a couple of weeks. So of course not having steph onto it hurts but the steelers defensive line still is one of the deepest and strongest leaking cam hayward enticed now. While we're still going to be there still going to be the starters. So i'm not too worried. Pass them the steelers coming into this game. They have a wealth of newtown. That's how they did not have in twenty twenty You think of the players. The steelers lost In this offseason like along the offensive line alejandro villanueva matt filer. Markey's pouncey david decastro yet. There was some big names that The steelers had to part with. But those guys were training on the way down steals your replace them with guys like kevin dotson who is one of those up and coming offense lineman the nfl kendra. Green is a center of the steelers. Were very high on well before the draft took place and then trae turner. The offense line is still has a ton of question marks but if we look at this entire roster as a whole the steelers really have improved their depth and did an outstanding job drafting. This team is a stronger officer than it was last year for being honest with ourselves. You look into quarterback group that's about the same. Of course the backup level players are a little bit better but ben rothlisberger is not coming off an injury. The tight ends zad pat farm youth. And eric hebron's appears to be one hundred percent not nursing an ankle injury like he was last year the receivers or another. You're older more chemistry with big ben. Still of course. Like i mentioned the o. Line scott those question marks. The defensive line is still pretty much exactly the same minus stefan too because of his injury. The edge room. Yes the steelers. Lost bud dupree. Who's coming off an acl. But alex highsmith looks like he's prime for a massive step forward and melvin ingram.

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