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But by the turn of the century, Victoria, had forty two grandchildren. And her grandchildren were the product of many of these sort of Royal couplings to her kids had married into other Royal families. Right. And then there's first of all even jumping back Victoria's already related to share it has German, Royal blood right her Royal houses, Saxe, Coburg, Gotha. The Hanover's who are imported from Germany when there was a. When there were no more Stewart's England had to import a German, Royal from the duchy of duchy of electorate of Brunswick, Cologne virg- for like fifty fifty years. England was ruled by a house that didn't speak any English, George. The third was the first Hanover who had actually been born there and could speak any English. Isn't that wonderful? That must have been exciting for them. Nobody would know. Right, right. How many times they didn't give public addresses? Yeah. They weren't on the radio stuttering away in German at the time. Like if somebody's waving from the coach and saying Donka, you don't even notice right? Couldn't hear it over the roar of the crowd and Prince Albert was a was a sex Koper Goethe of that married Queen Victoria. So she married some kind of a cousin. They are all cousins all cousins. And there was no stigma against this at the time. I think four of her grandchildren married, I or is a former children four grandchildren road. I over grandchildren mood for scuffles. That's right. And I mean, her grandchildren included. What became kind of the monarchs of a great number of nations like her grandchild? Maude was Queen of Norway. Grandchild. Marie was Queen of Romania one of her grandchildren was Lord Mountbatten who famously lived into unto the sixties and was murdered by an IRA bomb that could be onto this. It should be Victoria Eugenie was Queen of Spain. She had connections to the I mean, like direct family connections to the Royal houses of almost every nation in Europe Danes, the there would really be no expectations that you're you're king and Queen would be locally born and raised like there is today. You know, you would expect it to some some Greek to appear someday. Well, it's very similar to the fact that very few of the Seattle Mariners were born and raised in Seattle read their whole recruited. It is like sports teams where you're like, I love this guy. He's seattle. And then he gets traded. And you're like, I hate that guy. He's Minnesota now. You loved him like a day ago. But most interestingly, I think for the purposes of this show for the purposes of this concert, Victoria, had two grandsons who became the heads of major Royal houses. One of them was what you would think of naturally King, George the fifth of the United Kingdom only because only because his older brother only because his brother Albert, Victor who was a very dashing figure and was everyone was looking forward to him being the king of England. And he died of a flu basically, pre pre nineteen eighteen flu pandemic he died of eighteen eighties. Flu pandemic, leaving his younger brother who was only a year younger to become King, George the fifth. I think. Crematory had her concerns about Albert Victor, you know, as he cut such a dashing figure he also cut a swath through every Delo in Europe is pretty swashbuckler was one of these syphilitic party boy types, and in fact, he's the only one of Queen Victoria's grandchildren who is suspected of being Jack the ripper. One of the many conspiracy theories about jacker. I mean in these for these ripper allergists, it's never just going to be some normal guy. Some butchers eastern butcher or something. It's always gonna be somebody with lots of historical record about him to study. And I guess there is some anecdotal evidence. Tying the Duke of Clarence to the the murders in east London. Really? I mean, he may have had the, you know, if he's crazy with syphilis from the time, he's sixteen he has means motive opportunity, are you sure that he's the only grandson of Queen, Victoria. That was suspected of being wherever you said that as though. You have another theory. I'm willing to entertain pretty much any theory about Royal killing prostitutes. I don't know. I mean. Like, you could have enjoyed his the fifth..

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