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Of time at a low temperature and then a heavily spiced adobo so the us some chilies and some tomatoes and then all the roasting juices are saved to make the sauce and it served in a soup. So you'll typically talk with the guy who is working the oven and tell him which cuts you want. Do you want ribs. do you want loin. do you want a shank type of hot. And then they serve it in a bowl with tomato broth and big pilot. Or tia's some beans and too heavy breakfast. You might need a little nap after that. Yeah so historically. Interestingly goats were introduced by the spanish the early fifteen hundreds and they're an invasive species and goats eat everything and so they were trying to come up with a recipe so that people want to actually go out and hunt these things because they were eating everything they're eating all the crops and it'd be. They became a huge nuisance and beer area. The typical plate was the result of this invasive. Species okay enter from the plaza new. Nece we're going to walk north and we're gonna see some historic architecture. There are some seventeenth century churches. And one of the nicest things this area is that they just finished remodeling at that. We have a new line of the metro and when they built this new line of the metro they completely redeveloped the downtown area more pedestrian st louis cars. It's very enjoyable place to walk around because there's less cars and it's just a really pretty area and were walking around and we're seeing what so leaving the skin as we're gonna see there's two temples they originally were part of the same complex. There is the chapel of aranzazu. And then the son francisco. Ds's are too old franciscan. Churches absolutely beautiful very broke style of architecture and as we keep walking further north we're gonna get to refer to as the plaza which is in the shape of a cross and so there's the main guadalajara cathedral in the center and then there's like a series of plazas around that kind of make the form of a cross and it's just full of monuments so there is today. It's called the octo pause library. It's part of the university of guadalajara which houses some divide on photo. Seek garros murals his best work. But it's still nice to see some of these really famous. Some of their early works and then we can go into the placebo gobierno..

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