A new story from Dave Ramsey


So you read the book and you get in financial peace university read the proximity prince will book you get internet provision firstly will help you walk through this get the car so gets credit cards paid off get the income up and then may be some day if interest rates come down a little more which I doubt they will but if they do then maybe you look at refinancing but the the benefit of you re financing right now interest rate wise is not enough to fool with it on your loan amount size and your lender was not doing you any favors they were getting ready to say they were saying stick your neck in this moose and we're gonna tighten it for you that's what they were saying let's get you further in debt and not solve the cash flow problem that you have you can even do some home repairs isn't that glorious see how it sounds so wonderful until next Friday when all the payments are due and you didn't change your situation at all you're still in a freaking mess and that's what you got to avoid so hi thanks for the call Jonathan is with us in Texas hi Jonathan how are you I'm great Dave how are you it's Randy better than I deserve Sir what's up so bomb during the spring during a soul my father some taxes to the IRS and he did not have the money and he didn't do the sixteen items paycheck however that works and so I'm working eighteen and he knew that I had a bunch of money in the bank so he wants me and was like Hey you know can I borrow basic life far from the IRS is going to be a bunch of interest well you know he convinced me and he said he came back but a thousand Bucks a month you get back to about six months and I haven't seen a single penny of it stands you know how old are you able seventeen Sir how much money did you loan your father and so when you ask him why he isn't paying US agreed what does he say I that's what I wanted to ask you about Sir I wanted to know how to ask him that I like to find a minister in the summer in June if you know he's working on that are you know getting getting up asking any satellite happened I'm working on my bass yeah do you live in a house in an I do yes Sir and your what a senior in high school junior high school so what are your plans and may for graduation yeah after you graduate winning under their life I plan on going to community college and then hopefully gonna concrete and then living there while you're doing that yes now the reason I ask is the harder you push on this the more uncomfortable it's gonna be live there yes you're right.

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