President Trump, Senator John Mccain, FBI discussed on Ethan at Night


Barbara Kusak the nation will bid farewell to Arizona Senator John McCain over the next few days his body arrived at joint base Andrews this evening. And will lie in state tomorrow under, the US capitol rotunda at. A Phoenix memorial former vice president Joe Biden talked about, his friends saying John McCain's, code. Is ageless it wasn't about politics with Johnny could disagree on substance the underlying values that animated everything John did Saturday. McCain's procession pauses by the Vietnam memorial before heading to Washington, National, cathedral for a formal funeral service burial is Sunday of the US naval academy in an apples Maryland a warning for the Justice department and the FBI from President Trump during a rally in Indiana tonight in support of a. Republican Senate candidate Trump said. DOJ and the FBI must start doing their job, and doing it right what's happening is. A disgrace and, at some point I. Wanted, to, stay out But at some point if it doesn't. Straighten out properly I. Want them to do. Their. Job I will get. Involved and I'll get in there by half Trump hinted to Bloomberg news earlier that. Attorney general Jeff Sessions job is safe at least through the November midterm elections correspondent Jan Johnson reports President Trump says he's canceling pay raises that most. Federal employees outside of the military expected, to see in January the. President is in a letter to congressional leaders that pay, increases based on regions would, cost. Twenty five billion dollars on top of a two point one percent across the board increase for most civilian government employees. And he says quote we must maintain efforts to put our, nation, on a fiscally sustainable course the letter also says he's determined that all of next year's races will be set at zero preliminary information indicates a blown tire on a semi may be to blame for a head on crash. With a greyhound bus.

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