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I like it does anyone know where he is anyone can find him. Let us know and we'll definitely crashes house and shop. We'll bring booze and food and stop, it will definitely be a party really encouraging people to go stalking probably don't do that. They are even. I just hear no Jerry's. Yeah. Well, he's going to say regardless. You shared an interesting story this week that I was just getting around to reading before we got started. And I was I was reading the wrong part of it. So that was fine. It's sort of wide ranging analysis of aviation in the market and around the US, and there's a whole bunch of interesting section. I actually got excited around the eighty s be stuff on air on with satellite navigation. But then you told me I was reading the section of the report, so you're more interested in Newark. Which makes sense. You know, you live there, tell us about Newark what they've done badly. Well, so, you know, sometime last year or two years ago, United sued the port authority in regards to Highland fees that they're redirecting landing fees, and basically, the weight the FAA managers are parts on the policies dictated airport. Authorities cannot redirect fees from landing fees, or fees earned from landing fees to other projects. They're, they're supposed to go back at the airport. And so it kicked off a whole process in the port authority has message getting audited now. Now by the federal government, and it is already come, they've already identified that the Puerto court very did misdirected number funds. But now they're trying to figure out how much of that. Oh, exciting. 'cause there be at some point, I think it was nineteen Eighty-three or something when the laws in tooted, but there was to me was eighty two where there was nine airport sponsors who were exempted from some of these rules, so that they can redirect some fees. But not as much as a port authority has been sounds like a ninety four how much they can divert was restricted even further and yeah. So billions of dollars, I guess, at the end of the day can what's going to happen, though. I mean as gonna earn gonna find newer like, just make them start spending money, better. I don't know. It seems interesting. I think one they would have to give United back the money that they've misdirecting because apparently I didn't realize that and I don't know why they've done this. They've lending fees at Newark are higher than JFK. Yeah. United said in twenty fourteen seventy five percent higher. Fire, which seems agreed is why they wouldn't keep them on the level playing field. And so, I mean that to me, I I've always had the feeling and the into instinct favors delta versus United like they're just penalizing United even more. Yeah. That is interesting. Some interesting numbers. They are. I mean talking through their saying five to eight five airports net over over diversions from Maryland. Massport in Hawaii, exceeded two point three billion over five years last year. There's some number of years Massport being on come on, come on. Shocking, right? I know into city, Chicago notarize their. Yeah. But exempted municipalities are the airport runs systems of Hawaii, Maryland, which is really just Baltimore Massport Chicago. San Francisco, Denver, Saint Louis and the oddball Niagara, buffalo, I guess with their Buffalo's part of the night 'cause Agra falls airport as well. It's already in Agra falls is. The airport that Allegiant uses that for buffalo. Niagara service by, don't even. This group covers multiple counties, and including buffalo, Niagara, anti-agricultural nationally vote and bus but they also do bus service. That's you know, I in many ways sucks that the money being spent as being good to quote unquote, the wrong place that illegal illegal, so certainly the legal value of it matters by, like you need something that's gonna pay for other mass transit services around the country, because God knows our normal government spending doing it as a tough one. But this goes back to the age thing. Right. They continue to penalize travelers because travelers have very little voice in how they get hacks, right into the keypad, and this is across the board..

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