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Rockies into division. Look back. One strike pitch freeze takes just inside hard fastball at ninety three that's one and one. Field straight up slight shift onto the field. Playing David freeze to pull. Runners walk up to their leads. Freeland ready? Look back. The one one pitch reaching fourth foul backed by freeze its one and two hard that time the way he's pitched eight freeze with the change up been off the outside four hundred away a little bit sad have freeze looking for very wide plate coverage that time as a hitter can be expected. I stay back a little bit longer on this bitch. Zits the fastball by I'd say that cough feelings at a nice job of putting the dodgers keeping them in a rocking chair of inconsistent timing tonight. One and two on free. Pitch low from Freeland missing took something off. And it's two two on David freeze. Run for the dodgers here. The bottom of the fifth to tie. The ball. Game was a leadoff walk Ostad. Barnes scoring on the air by Hera auto. Taylor at second Turner at first and now time is called freeze Bax out. Series this game two of a four game saboteur in the top two teams. The next. Tile freelance pitch. Swing and miss. He blew the fastball by the strike out. The second tonight.

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