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This is this is true. That would be a nightmare. Less of a steak we made about moving selling TV show. Now we're gonna have to wear makeup more often than people are going to judge my clothes, and I'm gonna have to wear a bra, like all of those things. You don't have to. I'm grateful for. Okay. So I had to recently break things off with this guy that I was dating because he caught like he was like a glass, half full type of person. So no matter what it was, he would be complaining about it whether it be money or his last half empty kind of person. Sorry, glass-half-empty last half full is when they're like, it's half fun know he's sorry, his glass, half empty ten of person. And I never thought that I, it would affect me so much to be dating somebody like that. And I had a conversation with one of my girlfriends and she's like, you know, you have this mindset of abundance and always think that you can accomplish anything that you do. You always think that there's more we've kind of talked about this before with you in what Jack shut up on dishing and stuff and not getting it and some people would think, well, this girl. Got it. So now there's nothing left for me, and I used to think that way anti a lot with well with dating when something wouldn't work out, I'd be like, oh, well, now I'm going to be alone forever because this one thing. Didn't work out. But this past year I've really lived in like a life of abundance and with work. I'm like, of course, I can do that. Of course, I can start this business. Of course, we're going to make a TV show. So I'm grateful for having that mindset because it's really hard to, I guess, think that way and knock it like pulled down one on that. Okay. When we come back, did he cry? We had to degrade, no, it was that it making it off. It was. It was not good. How do you break it off when it's like, not technically your boyfriend? Yeah, you still have to break its whole. It's a whole thing. I asked them for conversation and then it's like they need it reasoning. And then maybe it's just because. We're compatible. He didn't get angry. He was like a good guy. He just wasn't for me. When we come back, I have a special game to play with you guys. Love again. So because I worked for myself, my schedule is always all over the place. I travel a ton, and I'm trying to maintain a healthy diet, but is so hard to get all the nutrients that my body needs for long term health. So this is why I love one of our sponsors. You've heard us talking about them before I've posted about them on Instagram before care of care of is so awesome. If you haven't heard about them, they make these personalized vitamin packs that are specifically tailored to your needs and how you figure out what kind of vitamins you need as you.

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