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It was very difficult to get a picture of her if you know what I mean, if someone says to you, we're gonna go in a room for three hours and I'm not gonna be myself at the end of that three hours. What do you think about who you met. You know, it's difficult. So I don't really know the question. Everybody wanted me to answer, especially even go bear aggressively on the wanted to know if I heard Trump say the n. word I never did. I don't know if he ever did. It doesn't seem like part of his culture, but what do I know? And I don't know what more evidence you need Trump's racism unkindness incompetence and capriciousness than what we have without any inside sources without anything anonymous without anything under handed. It seems like his competence is broadcast. I, I don't know. I don't wanna be a position of the fending President Trump because he he seems crass and rude and a bully to me. But I can't recall ever hearing him say something or do something that I thought was overtly racist and. I've seen people I've seen. I've seen that word you so many times to describe people who are simply conservative that I'm sensitive to that issue. You should be. You should be very sensitive to that issue. And I have that same feeling all the time. I cannot tell you word for word the conversation that I heard you because I know I know from experience because I keep a journal, then my memory is not accurate. I know the no one's eyewitness testimony is accurate, but I can tell you it's absolutely true. I heard him make jokes referring to little John the rapper as an uncle, Tom, that was very, very unpleasant and absolute best tone deaf, and worst MRs and racist. I heard him have an attitude toward Dennis Rodman with sex was once again at best old fashioned and uncomfortable. And that's being phenomenally kind and it worse outright racist. He. Was seen with his father in apartment buildings, discriminating against people because of their race that was proven in court, I believe. And I, that some of the things he said about shit all countries and some of the things he said during his immigration talks were to my mind, judging somebody not by who they were, but by how they were born then have you have you have you been diminish it whole countries? I have. I, I've been to shadow for in India, which is the worst slum of the untouchables tourists never go. I was there covered with flies up to my ankles Imon shit. I have been why because I'm crazy to. I have been to. We'll Chow in in China about hundred quick out of Beijing, which is at the time I was there as far as I could tell the worst thing you're going to see communism..

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