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Everybody way more coming up from Millie Vanilli formula is this way? Go out. People in the mouth. Teo mentioned terms shut up slave has now been entered into the Urban Dictionary. Does not mention us, which should not. I don't feel that's appropriate. But it is a definition sarcastic phrase. When used a something affect citizens or workers, and they can't do anything about it has nothing to do with United States, unfortunate historical exploitation of African immigrants and their Children. A person using the phrase he's included in the group of slaves. Thanks Omni Dave for adding that somebody wrote that out. Of course he did, He told us He told us about it. It's pretty good definition, so Cattle gate. Shadow Kate Shadow Gate. It was very interesting. What happened? You better go back a little bit until I get what you're going to talk about. Is that? What? I'm starting off Shadow gate. You start your starting right in the middle. You should shadow gate. It's the title Shadow Gates. Okay? You said shadow. Yes, there was a title of anything. I want you to introduce Milli Vanilli or whatever Her name is. I'm going to do it all. Okay. Well, simmer down Donna Summer. Shadow gate is what it's called. But it starts with millennial Millie, who does video reports. She's and she's millennium. I think she's 30 early 30, so she is a millennial old millennial. He's on the upper edge to lives in Ohio, and she has been a contractor for info wars for quite a while. I think five years at least, maybe some like that, and she does pieces just just pieces in Austin but also in Ohio, and she puts stuff together. I'm not exactly sure, but she's basically Akane. Doctrine it is tagged is millennial Milly. Her name is Millie Weaver. We've we've had clips from before. I like her. I think she's very angry, Very talented, Very talented. Very good. So she came out with it was billed as a quote unquote documentary. About an hour and 20 minutes on was called. It was titled What they don't want you to see. Did you see it all, John? Well, I was there was on Twitter and of course, it was said to be censored on Twitter. I don't know what that means that in sea, the other version and I watched the beginning of it. It's all that kind of stuff that we've kind of tore. But she does have a lot of new stuff. She digs up. She has a Funny way of going about things and looking at things, but I didn't watch the whole thing because I figure you're going to review it, and I want to be seven all over about an hour and 20 minutes long. It is not a documentary, it's ah long form video piece. Narrated, which is built around an interview with Tori Tori. We've played a clip from Torrey before time while back on the show. She was a contractor for government security services and Apparently, I don't believe it. But her endia has expired, which I don't think is a thing. But okay, and she's felt very comfortable I've had in the age that experience fact I've insisted on it from the but from the intelligence industry and well stuffed talks about you might need some classification. That doesn't expire with dubious, but she's very entertaining. We played clips of her about Seth Rich, and she she knows so much. Then she and a guy named Patrick I forget his last name for a second that he also worked in Security service intelligence agencies that he's had a book out about this. So everything he said, was not really new. But I'll break in. And the reason I say it's not really a documentary is because and I know it was kind of bother soon, but I just try to relax and not pay attention to it. There's a lot of B roll stock footage, some of which I've used in the past for pitch videos. You know, it's people walking in offices, screens. No close ups matrix like stuff a lot of filler to overlay the story, and the story is very compelling. And I'm just going to give you the synopsis, which is quite interesting. It. Talks about. It leads into it properly and they do quite a good job. It's so dense Tina who knows a lot about this stuff, she said. She couldn't quite follow it. I think they packed too much in and the visuals didn't always correlate to what they were saying, because it was stock footage, but otherwise it was not a chore to watch through it. When Brennan John Brennan CIA when he left government before he came back in which Wass Where did he leave? He went out for a while. Yeah, I can look at him. He became involved in the true military industrial complex, which is what these two interviewees are talking about, which is contractors. Oh, and we know this. Of course, there's probably wanna maybe even two million people in the United States. You have a high security clearance because contractors are the ones that really run everything. Everything is farmed out. And that's why you have this revolving door of homeland Security and CIA and NSA going out and doing well. You have like the Chertoff group, and they do all the scanners, body scanners and crap for L three company for airports after they make sure that everyone's afraid and we gotta have them. Then they go into private practice and they make it happen. So Brennan was also running a collection of these groups. Really above all of them and there's and there's names and there's documents and there's clear trails and these are the companies that we hear about all the day all the times you left government service for a few years, became CEO of the analyst corporation Test, the analyst corporation Lead attack. Right after acquisition acquisition by Global Strategies Group in 2007 Growth as a global intelligence solutions division of Global's North American technology business, G tech.

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