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Is developing in these central southern portion of Indiana, that'll be pressing eastward as the evening rolls on 55 degrees right now. It is the day before a holiday that many are concerned could be a coronavirus. Super spreader. We're on a plateau. So that's the good news. Hamilton County Commission President Denise Treehouse during the weekly update on covert 19. The Health Commissioner Greg Testament, reported a slight decline in the number of new cases in the past week for over a month. Each week. I would stand at this podium and share that we've had our worst day on record. Today is the first day in a month that I can say that's not true. But what's not good is the rising number of hospitalizations more than 100 in the past week, thinking about the intensive care unit admissions. We have seen a sixfold increase since the beginning of October were now at 150 patients and our region's intensive care units. Matt Reese News radio 700 wlw Ohio's coronavirus numbers today are likely inflated because of technical issues, with labs reporting, but thousands of new cases nonetheless, and there are still thousands that are Pending to be checked Hundreds of new hospitalizations, dozens of new deaths reported since yesterday more than 150. Meantime, there is coronavirus breaking news this afternoon, the Ohio Department of Health, saying that Lake Lorraine and Montgomery counties are now purple. It's a message on the color coded county map that usually comes out on Thursday, but with it being the holiday now reporting is coming out that three of the counties that were put on the watch list last week are now Purple Lake Lorraine in Montgomery County is considered to be a level four Purple alert, joining Franklin County and Central Ohio, the Department of Health, also saying 11, other Ohio counties are now considered to be on the watch list to potentially go purple next week, including Adam's, Claremont and Hamilton County's and Cincinnati City. Councilman Jeff Pastor is under suspension. He was recently charged with federal crimes related to bribery. Those charges are still pending. Pastor will no longer be able to participate in any official duties on council. On Wall Street. Today, the Dow dropping 165 points the NASDAQ Up 58, the S and P Down 12. He was radio 700 WLW Sports, says the Reds UPDATE. Reds reliever Robert Stevenson once considered the organization's top prospect traded today to the Colorado Rockies..

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