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I'm Rachel Martin. And I'm Steve Inskeep. Let's go inside a Trump Tower meeting room now and take a look at that. Now infamous June two thousand sixteen meeting between high level Trump campaign officials and a delegation from Russia NPR's, miles parks. Has been talking with the British or music publicist who helped set up that meeting? He has a book out today, which is called Popstars pageants and presidents, how an Email trumped my life to be really honest. I have no idea what I was talking about. That's rob Goldstone. He was a publicist who today lives in Hoboken, New Jersey. He wrote what he calls maybe the most famous Email in history to Donald Trump junior. You've read it or at least heard about it. The Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton and wanted to give it to the Trump campaign Goldstone wrote that the crown prosecutor of Russia had met with the father of his client, Russian popstar, Agla Roff and Goldstone says and asked him to send Trump junior and Email even though Goldstone says he didn't have any details about what incriminating information he was promising. He tried to get more information from an-and before he reached out a Trump junior, but his client wouldn't elaborate. I pushed one more time. When there was no response. I said, you know, this is a really bad idea and nothing good can come from this. He says that wasn't because he knew about the potential consequences. It is illegal for foreign country to provide anything of value to a campaign, but Goldstone said he had a bad feeling because he was just a music publicist. He'd once toured Australia following Michael Jackson. But he says he didn't know anything about politics history, though, had been made Trump junior responded, if it's what you say, I love it, especially later in summer. So after eminent Trump junior talked on the phone Golson was then recruited to set up an in person meeting, June ninth 2016 Trump Tower, I ended up sitting next to Jared Kushner, I was opposite the Russian delegation as I call them and Manafort and Don, jR, was sitting at the head of the title Goldstone says Russian lawyer in Italian veselnitskaya didn't have dirt on Hillary Clinton. What she did was launched into a convoluted presentation that attempted to Tyne alleged tax fraud scheme to the Democrats after she was interrupted and asked to get to the point she pivoted talk about American sanctions on Russia and counter sanctions from Russia that made it to. Americans couldn't adopt Russian children. Donald Trump junior talked about the presentation on Fox News last summer. And there was an interesting small. I don't even remember what it was it was sort of nonsensical inane and garbled and then quickly went onto a story about Russian, adoption and how we could possibly help. And really, that's what we shut it down with the meeting, which by all accounts was about twenty minutes long has had a lasting effect. It's become a focus of special counsel Robert Moore as he investigates whether any Americans conspired with the Russian campaign to influence, the two thousand sixteen election, even if the Russians didn't provide information that was considered useful by the Trump's they did provide a political tip Goldstone is testified before grand jury is part of that investigation. And he's also answered questions from three different congressional committees. He's a crucial piece of the Russia puzzle. Even though he says, he didn't know anything about a grander scheme by Russia to affect the election in the Email Goldstone sent however he specifically says that the information he wants to provide Trump junior is quote part of Russia and its governments support for Mr. Trump. Trump. He now says he was just bloviating an attempt to get Trump junior's attention, it came from the minds that is rob Goldstone. But it's based on very specific things. Look I had been in Moscow with Donald Trump joy, Miss Universe. I had seen how people reacted to him. I never met a person in Russia that didn't say Trump. We love Trump. It was all Trump the president and his family have repeatedly changed their story on the Trump Tower meeting at first they said, it was only about adoption then they acknowledged it was to get information on an opponent. Which Trump tweeted last month was quote, totally legal as for Goldstone. He says his publicist work. These days is nearly impossible because he's better known than most of his clients, miles parks. NPR news, Washington. Germany's political mainstream likes to dismiss the ascent of the far right in that country. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel may no longer be able to ignore it. The nationalist party, which is called alternative for Germany is now in second place in voter polls closing in on Michael and her party NPR Sarai Suhardi Nelson reports from Berlin it's been a bad month for ongoing Michael the chancellor's hard one coalition that governs here was in danger of collapsing again, this time over public anger on how officials dealt with the domestic intelligence chief and allegations he empathizes with Germany's far, right? The fight escalated when the interior minister announced he would move the beleaguered spy chief to a better government job with more pay that fumble led to a rare public apology for Mackel yesterday. Ben Zuni done, Hoppy. Is among her failure to take into account with the public thought about the promotion is something she regrets Mary much, her concession bolstered with the far-right alternative for Germany or AFDC has been telling German voters all along your government doesn't listen to you Alexsandr garland is a top leader in the party VIN diesel. Danish titan gleefully told public broadcaster ARD if they keep fighting about things that give us higher percentages. They should go ahead and keep doing that gaulan was referring to recent polls that show AFDC continues to benefit the most from Michael's political missteps and is now German voters number two choice. That's an astounding feat for what began as a fringe party with a eurosceptic platform five and a half years ago. AFDC is currently the main opposition party in the German. Parliament, many you leaders meanwhile, are watching the German political turmoil with trepidation says Daniele Schwarzer, the director of the German Council on foreign relations hotness of Germany at this point most worried about a week leadership in Germany, so a chancellor who is under pressure domestically and who can't advance as she might want on on European affairs in solving issues in the euro-zone and hacking. The migration crisis or moving ahead with European defense corporation, there's likely more political. Trouble ahead for the German Chancellor on October fourteenth. The powerful state of Bavaria is holding elections Mackel conservative allies. There are projected to lose their absolute majority in the state legislature to alternative for Germany. Psoriasis Sirhatti, Nelson, NPR news, Berlin. This is NPR news. And you're listening to morning edition on WNYC. I'm Richard Hake. Good morning. It's five twenty nine mass transit's looking okay. Stay tuned. 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