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First news Live from NPR news. In Washington I'm, Lakshmi Singh, Puerto Rico's official death toll. From hurricane Maria is no longer in. The dozens it's in, the thousands two thousand nine hundred seventy five people estimated to have lost their lives in the six months since the category for, hurricane level much of the US territory and left millions of Americans, without power clean water. Or food the Puerto Rican government commission independent researchers from George Washington University to estimate the death toll the numbers twenty two percent higher than the number. Of deaths Puerto Rico would. Have expected the same six-month period had there not. Been hurricane she. Ws. Dr Lynn Goldman says the elderly in the poorest were most. At risk we feel very strongly that lesson from this is that efforts for assistance in recovery need to focus as much as possible on lower income areas on people who are who are older people who are. More vulnerable even though it's been nearly a year since Hurricane, Maria struck the islands still in recovery mode. And this year's, Atlantic hurricane, season does not officially end. Until November Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Hsieh's. The US will continue, to help Saudi Arabian its fight against Hutu rebels in Yemen and work to reduce civilian casualties this after UN report accused Saudis, the United Arab Emirates and the Yemeni government of war-crimes here's NPR's, Tom Bowman yours is. Not directly involved in the three and a half year fight in Yemen it provides his Saudis intelligence in refueling aircraft after a recent Saudi airstrike they. Hit a bus and killed. Dozens Madison the Pentagon dispatched a senior officer to. Voice concern are. Conduct. Their decry to keep the human cost of innocence being killed. Accidentally to the absolute minimum Mattis said the Saudis have a right to defend themselves for missiles being fired by the rebels and he said the US has working with the UN to negotiate an end to the, conflict Tom Bowman NPR news Washington a federal Court has ruling that North Carolina needs, new, congressional voting maps for this November's election from member station of a UNC rusty Jacobs reports the ruling comes after the US supreme court. Sent the case back to the lower court for review the three judge panel led by. An Obama, appointee reaffirmed. An earlier decision that most of the state's congressional districts were gerrymandered with extreme partisanship. By North Carolina's Republican controlled general assembly Andrew chain teaches law at the. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Republicans on. The drafting committee were very open one might even say brazen in their express intent to elect as many Republican members city congressional delegation as possible the. Parties have until Friday to file arguments on whether the legislature should redraw the maps for NPR. News I'm rusty Jacobs in Chapel Hill North Carolina before the close the Dow is up fourteen, points this, is NPR, news, from news I'm Ryan Levi California will become the first state to eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trial under a Bill. Signed today by governor Jerry Brown the Bill will replace bell with a risk assessment system although it's still unclear how the system will work it will go into effect in October twenty nineteen the state's judicial council now has brought authority to reshape pretrial detention policies each county will use the council's framework to set its own procedures most suspects arrested for non violent misdemeanors will be released within twelve hours of being booked under the new, law those facing serious violent felonies will not be eligible, for pretrial. Release supporters say this will end the unfair. Practice of detaining people just because they can't make bail opponents have said it gives judges too much power and. They worry those who go free won't return for trial ten bay area members of congress and California's two. Senators are joining dozens of their, colleagues in urging a federal. Court to overturn the repeal of. Net neutrality the Federal Communications Commission Earlier this year removed regulations, that prevented, internet service providers from changing web loading speeds two dozen, state prosecutors appealed that decision to the DC circuit. Court of appeals peninsula Representative and s you and. More than one hundred other members of congress filed a friend of the. Court briefing supporting them today in reality net neutrality protects the first. Amendment free speech of the American people as you sit on the house energy and commerce committee which oversees the. FCC the Commission's chairman agit pie has said the old rules before they were, repealed were.

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