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Can't tell on the replay of drink or actually got a piece of that or not. His own face and went for Barkov. It swept out by goose after the late again Panthers Don't score on the power play. They had pressure lead, but it stays one of in Florida circuit checked by the landing net gets checked. Crypt. No call rebound shot in the left circle that was blocked on the attempt from Anthony Duclair Point the other way, Right wing plot leads barbell across the blonde right circle gets check to clear how the lawsuit Bar Grill, a center point. Looking for point. Let's circle the point circuit. Jeff shoots a Madrigal get it on the net Rebound. Brayden point of the left corner, pointed the left circle. Left Circle Bar. Belay shoots over the net. Three minutes going to skip to Savard right point. Shot blocked in front by Lucas Wall marking Anthony Duclair grafts to the near corner and weaker back for Anthony Duclair. Of satellite, Gustav forcing its center of criminal Marchment touches for weaker across the boy got checked maroon a steal drops it off for David Savar. Both sides are going to get a change here. Circuit, Jeff Right wing Savard. The center is Tyler Johnson Across the blood, Joseph Great Point. Joseph High slot holds back for Johnson, and he shot a Why left good set of form, but he missed the cage. Joseph knocks down a clear intent from weaker Marina. Keep Gonna set up Johnson in front. Weaker. Knocks it down. Couldn't clear held in Shan. Right point right to go to Joseph. Matthew Joseph. Right Circle. Right point, Luke Schenn. Point, Ryan McDonagh. For San Right Point holds, shoots blocked in front. Raymond Johnson, right corner looks to center it bouncing around on the side of the Net and drinker covers it up. Now that sticks come up, we'll get a break. 9 39 left in the second one. Nothing panthers Still a lightning radio Emily Motor oil Tips in tap to the manly man Manly man,.

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