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Tell us about this decision that you've made to write it in this way but the other thing that one everything was move on rose which is definitely a show that is on broadway. Currently i saw moulin rouge with our mutual fried matt whitaker. This is one of those things about being like a fan of broadway and like actors knowing everything that they put on the fucking stage eight performances a week right like you cannot deny that everyone is putting their heart into all of their work in like a show that sure but i don't think it's a i mean honestly time it's described to me the amount of songs that are like sandblasted into this show. Here's firework by the way i can buy now. That's what i call music for on my own time. I don't need to like go pay. But like i do have to say the suspense of whether or not erin today. What actually walk away with the aboard. When they could have feasibly nominated him he was the only nominee and then not giving him the award based on the sixty percent of votes. You need to actually claim the award which those stressful and yet then when he won. I was like wait. This is so boring so anyway it was like he was in a vice. That's about these. Awards is to sort of like i do think that the todi voted bodies should be shake it up because of like move on for be felt so vegas is specifically engineered for towards broadway and like yes you need a show like that to keep broadway charting the coins but all you had so many speeches with people all night. Big like imploring broadway to like do something that represents anybody else Just to see like every fucking award like in the musical category like to go to moulin rouge is a sort of like you're not even trying Are you you're not. it's though so lazy. Yeah i think. I mean just what you mentioned earlier idea that the nominating bodies so much more diverse than the people who actually get to vote on. What is such a fascinating duality. I have questions about that. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me but moulin rouge is going to be a rom. I do plan on seeing. And i'm going to have a good time and you will get thousands of pop songs that i think are still like do. Do they change out songs and bring them in like his intimate singing. Good for you yet. I'm sure they'll do a fresh update you know and then also I don't know i didn't see a christmas carol. So that kept cleaning up and of course our friend. Diablo cody one for the book for jagged. Little yeah you know what remains jarring to me about that musical because we got to see a performance from jacob on the main telecast is that for me the power of jagged little pill that every song is so like. It's not just an angry album. It really is this gamut of emotions. There's some like songs about gratefulness or romance or obviously ironic is its own category of song and yet they all belong to one woman like really feel like one person showing you as many sides of their personalities they can and then when you watch the show and again i've not seen the show so this is not me judging the show again my friend fucking wrote the show. I'm not here to do the show. It's weird because they give the songs to everybody and that's also like the point of like american idiot and stuff too but it's it's interesting. What's left of the album's appeal when you're not just hearing them all from one voice. Do i still like it as much. I can't really tell you know Yes it's not that. Carole king musical okay right carols like i wrote. 'this will be thinking up a whole different experience though which is like like what i like about that concept is that i feel like. They just leaned into the idea that this is going to be completely different from the album. It's going to be completely different from a listener and it speaks that whole idea. That all of this is relatable rate. Which i think for br and broadway camp abounds like just leaning all the way in abounds and so it's like oh it's a very different experience. We might get more. We might get last. There's something for everyone in that anything. There's something really nathan exciting about that. So i was kind of happy to just hear. That was still around in doing well. I had heard about it a few years ago. I a new. It's exciting to me. It's an exciting show. I love the concept of like a classic. Ninety s album is like now repurpose as a classic broadway cast recording that leg. A different generation of like gays zubaydah been listening to like the in the nineties. Maybe they're listening to this We're theater kids And that's exciting for me like you mentioned american idiot. You know. there's so many things like that you know it's like they are now also like a broadway october. You can hear it is this right. Yeah something that. I think was fascinating though in the main. Cbs telecaster we watched basically every living broadway legend. Give a performance of one kind or another. The beginning of it was dominated by shows and performances. That our old pop songs repurpose for broadway audiences. So like you had david byrne doing burning down the house. The famous talking heads song Moulin rouge lady marmalade performed. And i have to say it to me was not a glistening advertisement for what broadway is now just because it does feel like. You're listening to your old ipod a lot of the time. Yeah i get it and like david bird is like jesus fucking love him. Yeah yeah but it really does. That's part of my problem with milan. Route you know. I feel like the theater. We grew up. A you know you're hearing original compositions and songs and lyrics from like creators..

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