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Police reveal a few more details in the shooting at lake line villas apartments Sunday night. The victim. Austin Robert Burrows was with his wife who lives at the apartments in ninety was shot. Boroughs lives at an undisclosed or lived at an undisclosed. Air force duty station. Police are still actively looking for trying to identify a suspect. There are several factors affecting Austin's. Home affordability crisis. The home builder's association of greater Austin's, David Glenn says, they're trying to address local regulations, which he says is a big factor that can be tackled head on. Oftentimes. I find myself before city council or city board explaining the impact in real dollar is what regulations can do to afford to go to a home. For example, Glenn says city of Austin is toying around with the new fire code for builders that left untouched would add eighty four thousand dollars to home. He's working with the fire department has whittled down to about three or four thousand dollars. A lawmaker from central Texas wants to keep the state from rating sporting goods sales tax that's earmarked for Texas. Parks Representative John Syria whose district includes bastrop and Caldwell county says he's introduced a joint resolution that would have to be passed by two thirds of the house and the Senate and then go to voters November a constitutional amendment to allow the sport. Gets tax to be used all four parks and wildlife and also the Texas historical commission Syria is resolution would prohibit diverting that money away. John Cooney NewsRadio KLBJ KLBJ news time four oh, four time to take a look at Austin's on time. Traffic here's Melinda. Brand. At thankfully. We're just dealing with congestion boat. It is already heavy on thirty five volt or actions through the downtown area, of course, on moped both directions in between one eighty three and three sixty. I'm Linda Bryant with Austin's on time. Traffic analyze look at your KLBJ.

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