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And it's not focused is not the anatomically as generous stimulates the whole brains we trigger a seizure people get confused it is still the granddaddy of depression treatments its but it's also kind of the hail mary of depression you don't get to it into your super you're alive right yeah your lives in danger enemies working and so they're big gulf dope and into presence helped millions of people the i don't want to completely trash medicine helped millions of people i still prescribed medication energy presence don't helped millions of people though tippin typically we say like 30 percent of patients do great on medicine another forty percent kind of sorta better than nothing and another thirty percent are of via arafat however is x and that's millions of people is that the same thing with this as a better uh theames we're getting fifty percent are either you've got to you at least half remission rates at so that's my sense another 25 percent we call response which is like you're not completely cured but you're definitely a lot better and another 25 percent were not getting better probably because depression is probably more than one thing sure it's probably not just are you giving circa therapy to some of these people some time reduce sub select that gruber's everybody gets atr well yellow is a big uh a school thought in a field like doing therapy during the treatment or what is what you do during the treatment activating certain parts of the brain which therefore the treatment has more effect on those there and so some people are doing therapy during the treatment i with a particular going after the doors letter prefrontal cortex that's cbt of sorts would act or as a result that's an exciting thing is he be t the kind of psychotherapy during your during depends on the patient depends on the patient that hesitation it's it's right now logistically it sometimes hard to do it uh there's been ptsd studies were they do like a desensitization and then they go to achieve mastery oh interesting abut oecd any of those or exile disorders ptsd is in the anxiety disorders family were having some good success reducing anxiety symptoms right now retreating lot of depression but there's a huge overlap with anxiety and we see those anxiety symptoms get better oecd lives in a deeper part of the brain and there's some research bring done.

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