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Forty. if you or someone you know is feeling isolated depressed or having suicidal thoughts there's help please call the national suicide prevention lifeline at one eight hundred two seven three talk or text LA to seven four one seven four one we rise because you matter thanks to LA county mental health is that there's no going down to my friends that were needed for to long beach they have over seven hundred vehicles went crazy mark down prices and discounts off MSRP as high as ten thousand Bucks zero percent now what is it born in Long Beach or on wanting to four dot com. it's hard time. Disney California adventure park. magical. if I don't die laughing first. now through October thirty first and you can enjoy Spooktacular fun with the Disney board for as low as thirty eight dollars per month. after one hundred fifty four dollar down payment. this is the. keys has to make room for the incoming twenty twenty models so remaining twenty nine teams are please no mold. he's cars dot com to see our special of the day with. dollars in net savings over meeting twenty nineteen every remaining twenty nineteen Toyota Honda Hyundai and Chevy. twenty nineteen Mercedes. Porsche old. the numbers in. be paying as little as ninety nine dollars for jobs. he's. because the. only keys on. John..

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