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When if you want. I say you might evoke on calf developments man. I spent all my money on a james clear calendar. So i'm scott. James james clear through the years you can. I tell the listeners. How much ambu told me. Hey talk about place. Because i saw it may entire day. So we're coming out with version. Four the online trading academy and it is by far the most ambitious vision. We've done and it is good it good and it like it meets everybody where they're at. It's interesting because we actually made the online trading academy short like we will move material. We didn't add material before we added personalization. So there is when you go in. There is going to be like a custom study plan. That's developed for you based off of a few questions that you answer not everybody should go through like chapter one to the end right right and so the textbook went through a major revision as well and then there's a lot of really cool stuff probably right now in this episode coming out actually the weightless be out. 'cause we were shutting down enrollment fo- just like two and a half three weeks while we make all the updates and then we'll do in a wait list and then launching ocean four so make sure you get on the weightless turn dot com slash enemy. 'cause killer nice but the new textbook so of course ten staff members over four hundred hours put into this thing today right. It'll be about four hundred fifty probably more than four hundred and fifty hours by the time we're done and i get the textbook for the final revision before it goes to print than ex version of the textbook. And i'm going to do it like line by line. I'm like these guys. Knock this out of the puck. Ambuhl led the project. So it's like these. Amber team knocked us out of the puck man. This is incredible. And then i get to one page put for like a quarter of the page image with a dad dimmed james clear quote was gonna find it in new the reaction that i get and at this point there was nothing i can do about it. Role to print maybe roles and i'm complicit liberation of james clues name mutation sensitive to avoid instant usually to page. I mean it really pops out some so at least a million more copies of his book that he sold give or take three hundred times more copies than i sort of all my eleven put together continues to do so for against a stunning. You just eighty seven dollars a month for twelve months. The online trainer academy is smart career investment. You'll ever make now. Featuring james clear quotes. I sales coming outta here. Oh my commuted after twenty. Five three sailed already milk jonathan. Good job you know. What really attracts the students that love online training so getting a final dossey rep. Dissing up all right okay. So hopefully this episode will help you guys with that. Inner critic keto was saying she called it out. She gave you a strategy for what to do. Amber gave us great about realizing where you're starting specifically because it's not going to be the same place we probably don't have any to students that ever started in the same place exactly so we all sort of got to find our way and jonathan. You know helped us out with this episode by making sure. That no equality's fail from trees above it and give us some great of el gato agenda check within five minutes of news by gals shot goodluck jonathan. Let us know if you need cleaned. Run through the dishwasher first. So we'll see you next time. Here on the online trainer show show knows can be found in orlando dot com slash. Podcast don't have saved gives review and remember man individual here like but if you keep going utilize what we've given you. You have success. It comes to different people at different times but it always arrives. You're either going to succeed or you're going to quit. You're going to succeed in your endeavour here or you're going to quit contacting people every day you're going to succeed and building your business or you're gonna decide that the inner critic wins. You're going to succeed in helping people or you're can decide it's more important to compare yourself to others in quit. Focusing on the client will either succeed or you'll quit. We don't want you to quit. And if you don't do that we know you're going to succeed for the online trainer show. We should podcast..

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