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When this story have been better. If Justin was hooking up with Brett Keller instead of like some random minor character. 'cause it's another way that the story could have better conflicted. Justin with Brian. Like do I stare do I go? We'll end conflict justin with a Hollywood like dream that he's living right now that he's assuming that everything is going to be made exactly as how he envisioned it and then then he puts his trust in this director that he's also fact now. The director is GonNa Change Shit. That would have been a lot more interesting as much as I like him. Hooking up with the closeted Hollywood actor big Fan of that but story wise. It doesn't quite Gel. He could have hooked up with both of them at the same time. Could've with that big cocaine party that happened in the last episode. So Justin teleport's back to Pittsburgh and Brian Invites Justin move in any other decisions in move back in. I said I'd like it if you and I were to live together. Are you proposing course? Not if the sudden expected plethora of gay marriages at hate to add to the glut back and forth here and Daphnis is time consuming and inconvenient. I mean just last week after. Got Your socks at had the bar a pair of mine and as for the times when you're not around I wouldn't particularly minded if you were. I've been waiting for you. Ask Me that since the first night you brought me here. Of what what he say that make room in my drawers toward and there's another great moment where we know something that a character. Doesn't we know that Justin already made up his mind to move to La for at least six months he told Brat. Brian doesn't know that though and he invites Justin to move back in with him. Did we know that just didn't already live there? Apparently he's living with Daphne who we haven't seen in a long time to. We know that Justin didn't live there in the first place. No I this is. This is what we're talking about listeners. The writers are not giving US enough to put some of these plot points together and and then sometimes things get said just in passing because like Oh yeah somehow we have to connect ANC. So let's just say being get it over with but I would have assumed that now that he got over Justin knowing they had cancer that Justin was already living with him again. But I guess he's not and again we have not seen Daphne for what two seasons now we did see her in a cody bell with her straight soda. Okay briefly us. Yeah she had like She has the story at all like it would have been interesting to see that this was the case. And she's like Oh Great. She's got to be the the shoulder for him to cry on yet again. Kathy. I don't know something like that at the very least we needed to see Justin like say I gotta go back to my house every episode. But it's like your fucking chicken soup by the way I'm crawling into bed with you. Justin stay over like many times. I don't think that we've seen any other tricks in Brian's loft in quite some time so riders. Hello you gotTa tell us where Justin lives something. Yeah why wasn't this? The Season Cliffhanger L. Brian says he does his speech. He wants Justin to move in with him. He has that really lovely lying about Missingham when he's not there. Why didn't this and with Justin Sane? Brian I'm moving to La Tomorrow. Roller credits naive in that we have Bryan putting that offer out there and the camera just stays on Justin blackout. That was what happened with the scene but I wish that the whole episode cliff cliff hung on this hanged living. I WanNa leave where I what is. What is the characters decision? Well I guess I do see what you're saying. Okay great now Justin says okay. Thank you for telling me that again however I'm back to La for eight months. Yeah because season one the cliffhanger was just gained whacked over the head and this one brian getting punched in the Gut. It could have been getting punched in the gut where he's finally at long last vulnerable and he's telling. Justin things that he's wanted to hear for a very long time but just made up his mind. I just wanted that moment. I wanted a moment where Brian has put on defense. And he doesn't get what he wants and Justin Sane now. I'm moving by no sorry. So tops and bottoms for season. Four episode fourteen top. I'M GONNA say my top was a Emmett. Being the best friend can be Ted. I know you weren't a fan of that but I really liked it I think. That's quintessential Emmett. Who then like. He knows how to problem solve. He knows how to be of this group of friends. He manages to be the one who does the best job. I always as perfect but he does the best job and being the right kind of friend at the right time. That's a good one. I've got to tops. Actually I have one. Top one verse. The Melanie and Lindsay Story was some decent drama even though it had holes in it but especially the fact that nobody else knows that they're splitting up but us. It begs the question of when to tell other people that they're considering splitting up and how that's going to influence the children that they have now and so I like that writing. My verse was and this is about the top and bottom. I liked the me first. And the GIMME. GimMe is closing song somewhere over the rainbow. That's me first and the Gimme. GimMe is a punk band. It's like a punk supergroup. Is Bunch of French. Punk bands got together and they just do covers love. That song hated it. In this context though from a critical standpoint that was really weird choice of music for and Michael to consummate their Canadian marriage to a pop song turned into a Punk Sean. I didn't quite get that. I let me let me transition us into my bottom. Which is the liberty ride like from from those helicopter tracking shots that made it look so gloomy Iryna. This is supposed to be an an inspiring ride to the manufacturer drama at the cuss at the at the border to that awful reception that Brian concocted aggravating. And the fact that I think like Brian crossing the finish line and was supposed to be somehow moving and inspiring. I founded hokey and artificial charity and fire. I I didn't find it believable for a second that I was supposed to be moved by this that he like. Oh look that he he persevered and he did it like what now no. Thank you. Quintessential Cohen and Lebanon and in my bottom was the liberty. Ride that My specifics were some that? You'd mentioned all the exterior shots terrible of this ride. This ride was not inspiring. All the helicopter shots are shaky nauseating the right itself. Look like a terrible way to spend a week and the whole concept of having this bike ride seemed a little too gimmicky for my tastes. There's a lot better ways that this drama could have been woven in and out of people's lives having to stage all these exteriors rent a helicopter and run Brian. Off into the dench. I think there's a much better way to tell this story. This is van episode. Fourteen of season for liberty ride and that is a wrap on season four one next week. We have a special episode for you. We're GONNA play queer as folk trivia again. We did that after season. Three ended and we had a lot of fun with that. So we hope you'll check back with us in one week's time and try that. I'm going to bomb it again. I know it do better than you think. I wrote the questions up. Okay reviews and ratings wherever you're listening to us or much appreciated and help others find the show so please take a moment and help us out. You can also find us on twitter and instagram still queer AF and on facebook. It's still queer as folk. Find me on Instagram at Patrick Randall. With no es and you can find me on twitter and Instagram at Matthew PD. Thanks for listening in until next time. I'm Patrick.

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