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So it's the timeline that we feel those aspects will take longer, but what's India deal house, which is stories which is advertising that they can execute on. Now, given Jenny that Facebook has compromised user trust and privacy, many many times and Facebook has admitted to this and apologize for it many many times can we trust that Facebook really will be more private if they make these changes, even though Facebook itself is still going to have this information. I think time will tell and you make a really good point that Facebook is still going to have access to this information. Even if all of your messages, are cryptic Facebook can still see the meditate that's who is talking to each other. When they're talking even where they are. And that's still tells a very detailed story. So to have all of those communications under one roof. Oof. Under group that does not have a history of responsible stewardship of security and privacy features. That is definitely concerning are you or EFF lobbying Facebook right now as they work through these changes already you have conversations ongoing with the company and employs about how they're going to implement this stuff. We are always going to do better by security and privacy, particularly now in a campaign called fix it already. We're asking specifically for different protections on what's up and on Facebook about kind of user control and choice about phone number privacy. You know, we don't have to look far to find evidence that phone that phone numbers are not safe on Facebook. But they're not left where you put them. So Facebook has already kind of messed that up with two factor authentication and other security feature and it's very important that that is cleared up and those safeguards are put in place before we can trust that Facebook is going to do the right thing with merged messengers and meantime, your gender Facebook, actually, a strong earnings report last quarter. What are we expecting this quarter aside from a lot of questions from analysts about how all of this? This will work. Yeah. Pricing is going to be the biggest concern. So last quarter. You saw a lot of questions about pricing because as they transition to stories the England tree opens up the volume opens up which helps them, but at a much lower pricing because they still have to prove the advertisers from newsfeed is not a small thing. So this year is going to be a transition year, and we see risks in pricing continue to be the top rank general, Bloomberg intelligence and Jenny Gephardt of EFL fuel has to keep us posted on your conversations with and yelling at Facebook. Still.

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