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Or I mean, I. Caldwell is one of the winningest coaches and lions history, which is kind of said Well, leave them out of the category in a mic back. We had not had those guys in Detroit in a long time. Haven't found those guys yet, but continuing the worst coaches in Detroit sport. I'm gonna go pisses as well for my first one here, amigo, mo cheeks. Reasons I forgot about him. Cheeks was the guy Former player and coached, You know, longtime assistant. Then came the Pistons. The year that Chauncey came back. They brought in Brandon Jennings, and they brought in Josh Smith. That was Mo cheeks his first year half the year. Fired him, then actually fired and they actually wanted to become a big win streak. So it's kind of funny, So I think that's why Mod chic is on there. One of the worst in my life. The interim coach, was it, Uh, Lawrence? Frank? Lawrence, Frank, Okay? Nose in terms, so that was they hired him full time after that, And that was another disaster. So What is it about coaches that you could come here and just, you know? Crapped the bed. That's what happens. I know Mo Cheeks is not one of the worst coaches in Detroit's amounts history. He's coached half a year, but in my lifetime in recent memory with that much talent on the team coming in, he screwed it up. Also, Joe Dumars was still there, and they put Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith on the same team. Spacing. They just don't have. We don't have that. So I think mode. She's deserving of that. Because he fielded that team so that that's just just horrid. Another one here, right? Yeah. This is gonna be a pretty obvious one. Rod Marinelli for the Lions. Oh, All time 10 and 38 record with the lines and lead the lines to unknown 16 season in 2008, And that was the first NFL team in history to go winless in a full season. You have to be a bad coach to go on 16, and that was a bad year. I mean, lions fans were showing up with bags over their heads, paper bags, grocery bags, whatever kind of bags and they it was. It was awful. I mean, showing games on TV. Yeah, you can even watch the games. And a gaze. Who's the head coach out with the Jets right now is like the most hated man in America. And I think that Jets team would be that 08 Lions team by 100. His is so bad, terrible it is. That team was one of the worst ever professional organized teams ever get Was that tell them that first year, I think first, they actually head Calvin and they have proposed. Kevin Smith was like the Russian boy, William, then Roy Williams Tristan of his career there. And now that married Alice comes out there and just could not get the job done. I mean, are you kidding me? It was so bad. He's gonna be the worst coach ever. Not in NFL history, but in Detroit Sports history period, and I remember going to a game that year is my dad's. Sometimes my dad's birthday falls on Thanksgiving, you know, and we went and they were playing the Miami Dolphins. And who was the quarterback? The line before Kitna. He would Oh, um Harrington. Joey Harry going Harrington. So, yes. So Joey Harrington was a quarterback of dolphins and he just smoked John Kane and the lines And in Rod Marinelli. It was it was awful. The line. Just the Lions were one of the most moving. They are cursed. Bobby Lane did curses when we traded away and said, As long as I'm alive, you will never win anything. Well, Guy's been dead for a long time. The lion still can't win. But for me the next coach, I'm gonna go tires and I'm gonna go to baseball. I will, say Alan Trammell, because off that she 1003 team is one of the worst. Professional. I mean, you think about is almost you think Detroit sports. What is it? What about Detroit? That is just so bad. They lost 119 games, and I think it came down to the last game because they were about to be the worst and I'll be history. And you know, they tied it on Lee losing 100 19 games. And after that win after that last game, it looked like the Tigers won the world. Syriza's Yeah, I mean, it was everyone was partying because they didn't They didn't. They didn't have the worst record in MLB extra, but they had the worst record in American League history. So Alan Trammell Tiger. Great. I don't get that Nothing could ruin and travels legacy with the tigers. But he is one of the worst coaches that this team has ever had. I mean, you can't forget. Before before Trammel. They had like that one year like 2002 years, like Louis poo holes. He was like, 95 bad. Nobody even remembers who he was. And, uh, we have Phil Garner. He was kind of a push. Yeah, Like early two thousands. They just opened up America Park and the team is terrible. Yeah. I mean, you had Larry Parrish. I think for a year he was he was tigers catcher, right and shit like that. Buddy Bell was trying to feel Sparky shoes the whole nineties. Early two thousands. Tigers coaches. There's nothing they could do. There is literally nothing. They could do that. Then, when David and browse key and Jim Leland came here, they said, screw up screw prospects through the farm says that we're gonna win now, and that's what I did. I can't think Jim well enough for what he did to this team and David Brows. He just got a job with the Phillies, yet only saw that said, Hey, don't he's the GM. He's the president of baseball operations. I don't understand that we use the G and the president of all operations. I don't know..

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